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Steinhoff, K.G.* et al.: Effects of hyperthyroidism on adipose tissue activity and distribution in adults. Thyroid 31, 519-527 (2021)
Ittermann, T.* et al.: Standardized map of iodine status in Europe. Thyroid 30, 1346-1354 (2020)
Pietzner, M.* et al.: A thyroid hormone-independent molecular fingerprint of 3,5-diiodothyronine suggests a strong relation with coffee metabolism in humans. Thyroid 29, 1743-1754 (2019)
Rakov, H.* et al.: Aging is associated with low thyroid state and organ-specific sensitivity to thyroxine. Thyroid 29, 1723-1733 (2019)
Tiller, D.* et al.: Association of serum TSH with anthropometric markers of obesity in the general population. Thyroid 26, 1205-1214 (2016)
Wang, Y.* et al.: Primary cell culture systems for human thyroid studies. Thyroid 26, 1131-1140 (2016)
Meisinger, C. et al.: Sex-specific associations between thyrotropin and serum lipid profiles. Thyroid 24, 424-432 (2014)
Ittermann, T.* et al.: High serum thyrotropin levels are associated with current but not with incident hypertension. Thyroid 23, 955-963 (2013)
Richter, H. ; Braselmann, H. ; Hieber, L. ; Thomas, G.* & Bogdanova, T.*: Chromosomal imbalances in post-Chernobyl thyroid tumors. Thyroid 14, 1064-1064 (2004)