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Schneider, F.* et al.: NPM1 but not FLT3-ITD mutations predict early blast cell clearance and CR rate in patients with normal karyotype AML (NK-AML) or high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Blood 113, 5250-5253 (2009)
Soranzo, N.* et al.: A novel variant on chromosome 7q22.3 associated with mean platelet volume, counts, and function. Blood 113, 3831-3837 (2009)
Wilde, S. et al.: Dendritic cells pulsed with RNA encoding allogeneic MHC and antigen induce T cells with superior antitumor activity and higher TCR functional avidity. Blood 114, 2131-2139 (2009)
Ziegler, A.* et al.: EpCAM, a human tumor-associated antigen promotes Th2 development and tumor immune evasion. Blood 113, 3494-3502 (2009)
Herens, C.* et al.: Cyclin D1-negative mantle cell lymphoma with cryptic t(12;14)(p13;q32) and cyclin D2 overexpression. Blood 111, 1745-1746 (2008)
Klibi, J.* et al.: Blood diffusion and Th1-suppressive effects of galectin-9-containing exosomes released by Epstein-Barr virus-infected nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells. Blood 113, 1957-1966 (2008)
Mamani-Matsuda, M.* et al.: The human spleen is a major reservoir for long-lived vaccinia virus-specific memory B cells. Blood 111, 4653-4659 (2008)
Metzeler, K.H.* et al.: An 86-probe-set gene-expression signature predicts survival in cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 112, 4193-4201 (2008)
Rastelli, J. et al.: LMP1 signaling can replace CD40 signaling in B cells in vivo and has unique features of inducing class-switch recombination to IgG1. Blood 111, 1448-1455 (2008)
Rawat, V.P.S. et al.: Overexpression of CDX2 perturbs HOX gene expression in murine progenitors depending on its N-terminal domain and is closely correlated with deregulated HOX gene expression in human acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 111, 309-319 (2008)
Wies, E.* et al.: The viral interferon-regulatory factor-3 is required for the survival of KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma cells. Blood 111, 320-327 (2008)
Dorn, T.* et al.: RhoH is important for positive thymocyte selection and T-cell receptor signaling. Blood 109, 2346-2355 (2007)
Mancao, C. & Hammerschmidt, W.: Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 2A is a B-cell receptor mimic and essential for B-cell survival. Blood 110, 3715-3721 (2007)
Scheich, F.* ; Duyster, J.* ; Peschel, C.* & Bernhard, H.: The immunogenicity of Bcr-Abl expressing dendritic cells is dependent on the Bcr-Abl kinase activity and dominated by Bcr-Abl regulated antigens. Blood 110, 2556-2560 (2007)
Schuster, I.G. et al.: Allorestricted T cells with specificity for the FMNL1-derived peptide PP2 have potent antitumor activity against hematologic and other malignancies. Blood 110, 2931-2939 (2007)
Tschoep, K.E.* & Nößner, E.: Understand tolerogenic dendritic cells. Blood 109, 3616 (2007)
Vempati, S. et al.: Arginine 595 is duplicated in patients with acute leukemias carrying internal tandem duplications of FLT3 and modulates its transforming potential. Blood 110, 686-694 (2007)
Cattoretti, G.* et al.: Nuclear and cytoplasmic AID in extrafollicular and germinal center B cells. Blood 107, 3967-3975 (2006)
El-Maarri, O.* et al.: Lack of F8 mRNA: A novel mechanism leading to hemophilia A. Blood 107, 2759-2765 (2006)
Hofer, S.* et al.: Dendritic cells regulate T-cell deattachment through the integrin-interavting protein CYTIP. Blood 107, 1003-1009 (2006)