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Kzhyshkowska, J.* et al.: Novel stabilin-1 interacting chitinase-like protein (SI-CLP) is up-regulated in alternatively activated macrophages and secreted via lysosomal pathway. Blood 107, 3221-3228 (2006)
le Clorennec, C.* et al.: EBV latency III immortalization program sensitizes B cells to induction of CD95-mediated apoptosis via LMP1: Role of NF-kB, STAT1 and p53. Blood 107, 2070-2078 (2006)
Mohan, J.* et al.: Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 induces FcRH5 expression through CBF1. Blood 107, 4433-4439 (2006)
Quintanilla-Martinez, L. et al.: NPM-ALK-dependent expression of the transcription factor CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta in ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Blood 108, 2029-2036 (2006)
Reindl, C. et al.: Point mutations in the juxtamembrane domain of FLT define a new class of activating mutations in AML. Blood 107, 3700-3707 (2006)
Rudelius, M.* et al.: Constitutive activation of Akt contributes to the pathogenesis and survival of mantle cell lymphoma. Blood 108, 1668-1676 (2006)
Schnittger, S.* et al.: KIT-D816 mutations in AML1-ETO-positive AML are associated with impaired event-free overall survival. Blood 107, 1791-1799 (2006)
Tobollik, S. et al.: Epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen 2 inhibits AID expression during EBV-driven B-cell growth. Blood 108, 3859-3864 (2006)
Adam, C. et al.: DC-NK cell cross talk as a novel CD4⁺ T-cell-independent pathway for antitumor CTL induction. Blood 106, 338-344 (2005)
Bagrintseva, K. et al.: FLT3-ITD-TKD dual mutants associated with AML confer resistance to FLT3 PTK inhibitors and cytotoxic agents by overexpression of Bcl-x(L). Blood 105, 3679-3685 (2005)
Coriu, D.* et al.: A molecular basis for nonsecretory myeloma. Blood 104, 829-831 (2005)
Grimm, T. et al.: EBV latent membrane protein-1 protects B cells from apoptosis by inhibition of BAX. Blood 105, 3263-3269 (2005)
Kohl, T.M. ; Schnittger, S. ; Ellwart, J.W. ; Hiddemann, W.* & Spiekermann, K.: KIT exon 8 mutations associated with core-binding factor (CBF)-acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cause hyperactivation of the receptor in response to stem cell factor. Blood 105, 3391 (2005)
Kurschus, F.C.* ; Bruno, R.* ; Fellows, E.* ; Falk, C.S. & Jenne, D.*: Membrane receptors are not required to deliver granzyme B during killer cell attack. Blood 105, 2049-2058 (2005)
Mancao, C. ; Altmann, M. ; Jungnickel, B. & Hammerschmidt, W.: Rescue of "crippled" germinal center B cells from apoptosis by Epstein-Barr virus. Blood 106, 4339-4344 (2005)
Mayr, C. et al.: Fibromodulin as a novel tumor-associated antigen (TAA)in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) which allows expansion of specific CD8+ autologous T lymphocytes. Blood 105, 1566-1573 (2005)
Mayr, C. et al.: Chromosomal translocations are associated with poor prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood 107, 742-751 (2005)
Mayr, C. et al.: Transduction fo CLL cells by CD40 ligand enhances an antigen-specific immune recognition by autologous T cells. Blood 106, 3223-3226 (2005)
Pagés, F.* et al.: Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 induces interleukin-18 receptor expression in B cells. Blood 105, 1632-1639 (2005)
Bagrintseva, K. et al.: Mutations in the tyrosine kinase domain of FLT3 define a new molecular mechanism of acquired drug resistance to PTK inhibitors in FLT3-ITD-transformed hematopoitic cells. Blood 103, 2266-2275 (2004)