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Lauk, S. ; Zietman, A. ; Skates, S. ; Fabian, R. & Suit, H.D.: Comparative Morphometric Study of Tumor Vasculature in Human Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Their Xenotransplants in Athymic Nude Mice. Cancer Res. 49, 4557-4561 (1989)
Ellwart, J.W. ; Kremer, J.P. & Dörmér, P.G.: Drug testing in established cell lines by flow cytometric vitality measurements versus clonogenic assay. Cancer Res. 48, 5722-5725 (1988)
Schmidt, J. et al.: Characterization of Tumor Cell Heterogenity in Clonal Sublines from a Spontaneous Murine Osteosarcoma. Cancer Res. (1988)
Ziegler, I. ; Hamm, U. & Berndt, J.: Participation of pterins in the control of lymphocyte stimulation and lymphoblast proliferation. Cancer Res. 43, 5356-5359 (1983)
Ziegler, I. ; Maier, K.C. & Fink, M.K.: Pteridine-binding α1-acid glycoprotein from blood of patients with neoplastic diseases. Cancer Res. 42, 1567-1573 (1982)