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Castillo-Reinado, K.* et al.: Associations of area deprivation and urban/rural traits with the incidence of type 1 diabetes: Analysis at the municipality level in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Diabetic Med. 37, 2089-2097 (2020)
Icks, A.* et al.: Patient time costs due to self-management in diabetes may be as high as direct medical costs: Results from the population-based KORA survey FF4 in Germany. Diabetic Med., DOI: 10.1111/dme.14210 (2020)
Jiang, L. et al.: Anxiety boosts progression of prediabetes to type 2 diabetes: Findings from the prospective Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg F4 and FF4 studies. Diabetic Med. 37, 1737-1741 (2020)
Nano, J. et al.: A standard set of person-centred outcomes for diabetes mellitus: Results of an international and unified approach. Diabetic Med. 37, 2009-2018 (2020)
Icks, A.* et al.: Time spent on self-management by people with diabetes: Results from the population-based KORA survey in Germany. Diabetic Med. 36, 970-981 (2019)
Kähm, K. ; Stark, R.G. ; Laxy, M. ; Schneider, U.* & Leidl, R.: Assessment of excess medical costs for persons with type 2 diabetes according to age groups: An analysis of German health insurance claims data. Diabetic Med., DOI: 10.1111/dme.14213 (2019)
Ungethüm, K. et al.: Physical activity is associated with lower insulin and C-peptide during glucose challenge in children and adolescents with family background of diabetes. Diabetic Med. 36, 366-375 (2019)
Beyerlein, A. ; Lack, N.* & von Kries, R.*: No further improvement in pregnancy-related outcomes in the offspring of mothers with pre-gestational diabetes in Bavaria, Germany, between 2001 and 2016. Diabetic Med. 35, 1420-1424 (2018)
McCreight, L.J.* et al.: Pharmacokinetic study of metformin: Insights into the mechanism of metformin intolerance. Diabetic Med. 35, 22-22 (2018)
Piciu, A.M. ; Johar, H. ; Lukaschek, K. ; Thorand, B. & Ladwig, K.-H.: Life satisfaction is a protective factor against the onset of Type 2 diabetes in men but not in women: Findings from the MONICA/KORA cohort study. Diabetic Med. 35, 323-331 (2018)
Tofte, N.* et al.: Characteristics of high- and low-risk individuals in the PRIORITY study: Urinary proteomics and mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism for prevention of diabetic nephropathy in Type 2 diabetes. Diabetic Med. 35, 1375-1382 (2018)
Wyatt, R.C.* et al.: The first 142 amino acids of glutamate decarboxylase do not contribute to epitopes recognized by autoantibodies associated with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetic Med. 35, 954-963 (2018)
Banning, F. ; Rottenkolber, M. ; Freibothe, I. ; Seissler, J. & Lechner, A.: Insulin secretory defect in familial partial lipodystrophy Type 2 and successful long-term treatment with a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist. Diabetic Med. 34, 1792-1794 (2017)
Altevers, J. et al.: Poor structural social support is associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus: Findings from the MONICA/KORA Augsburg cohort study. Diabetic Med. 33, 47-54 (2016)
Long, A.E.* et al.: Is there regulation of the autoimmune response in slow progressors to type 1 diabetes? Diabetic Med. 33, 76-77 (2016)
Herder, C.* et al.: Low serum omentin levels in the elderly population with type 2 diabetes and polyneuropathy. Diabetic Med. 32, 1479-1483 (2015)
Müller, G.* et al.: Association of neighbourhood unemployment rate with incident type 2 diabetes mellitus in five German regions. Diabetic Med. 32, 1017-1022 (2015)
Icks, A.* et al.: Patient time costs attributable to healthcare use in diabetes: Results from the population-based KORA survey in Germany. Diabetic Med. 30, 1245-1249 (2013)
Maier, W. et al.: The impact of regional deprivation and individual socio-economic status on the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Germany. A pooled analysis of five population-based studies. Diabetic Med. 30, 78-86 (2013)
Genz, J.* et al.: Blood glucose testing and primary prevention of type 2 diabetes - evaluation of the effect of evidence-based patient information: A randomized controlled trial. Diabetic Med. 29, 1011-1020 (2012)