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Rajendran, J.* et al.: Alternative oxidase-mediated respiration prevents lethal mitochondrial cardiomyopathy. EMBO Mol. Med. 10:e9456 (2018)
Al-Tamari, H.M.* et al.: FoxO3 an important player in fibrogenesis and therapeutic target for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. EMBO Mol. Med. 10, 276-293 (2017)
Giannou, A.D.* et al.: NRAS destines tumor cells to the lungs. EMBO Mol. Med. 9, 672-686 (2017)
Lehmer, C.* et al.: Poly-GP in cerebrospinal fluid links C9orf72-associated dipeptide repeat expression to the asymptomatic phase of ALS/FTD. EMBO Mol. Med. 9, 859-868 (2017)
Oak, P. et al.: Attenuated PDGF signaling drives alveolar and microvascular defects in neonatal chronic lung disease. EMBO Mol. Med. 9, 1504-1520 (2017)
Schlepckow, K.* et al.: An Alzheimer-associated TREM2 variant occurs at the ADAM cleavage site and affects shedding and phagocytic function. EMBO Mol. Med. 9, 1356-1365 (2017)
Zhou, Q.* et al.: Antibodies inhibit transmission and aggregation of C9orf72 poly-GA dipeptide repeat proteins. EMBO Mol. Med. 9, 687-702 (2017)
Fuhrmeister, J.* et al.: Fasting-induced liver GADD45β restrains hepatic fatty acid uptake and improves metabolic health. EMBO Mol. Med. 8, 654-669 (2016)
Kretner, B.* et al.: Generation and deposition of Aβ43 by the virtually inactive presenilin-1 L435F mutant contradicts the presenilin loss-of-function hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease. EMBO Mol. Med. 8, 458-465 (2016)
Michler, T. et al.: Blocking sense-strand activity improves potency, safety and specificity of anti-hepatitis B virus short hairpin RNA. EMBO Mol. Med. 8, 1082-1098 (2016)
Xiang, X.* et al.: TREM2 deficiency reduces the efficacy of immunotherapeutic amyloid clearance. EMBO Mol. Med. 8, 992-1004 (2016)
Clemmensen, C. et al.: Dual melanocortin-4 receptor and GLP-1 receptor agonism amplifies metabolic benefits in diet-induced obese mice. EMBO Mol. Med. 7, 288-298 (2015)
Stoy, C.* et al.: Transcriptional co-factor Transducin Beta-Like (TBL) 1 acts as a checkpoint in pancreatic cancer malignancy. EMBO Mol. Med. 7, 1048-1062 (2015)
Gautheron, J.* et al.: A positive feedback loop between RIP3 and JNK controls non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. EMBO Mol. Med. 6, 1062-1074 (2014)
Hohenauer, Z.* et al.: The neural crest transcription factor Brn3a is expressed in melanoma and required for cell cycle progression and survival. EMBO Mol. Med. 5, 919-934 (2013)
Königshoff, M. ; Schwarz, J. & Eickelberg, O.: Human lung stem cells: Oh, the places you'll go! EMBO Mol. Med. 3, 575-577 (2011)
Morais, V.* et al.: Parkinson's disease mutations in PINK1 result in decreased Complex I activity and deficient synaptic function. EMBO Mol. Med. 1, 99-111 (2009)