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Standl, M. et al.: The association between FLG loss-of-function mutations and food sensitization is modified by atopic dermatitis. Allergy 70, 57 (2015)
Toncheva, A.A.* et al.: Childhood asthma is associated with mutations and gene expression differences of ORMDL genes which can interact. Allergy 70, 1288-1299 (2015)
Waage, J.E.* et al.: A genome-wide association study of allergic rhinitis in 216 361 individuals identifies several novel susceptibility loci and increases knowledge on genetic pathways and cell types involved in disease etiology. Allergy 70, 108 (2015)
Waage, J.E.* et al.: Shared genetic origins of allergy and autoimmune diseases. Allergy 70, 112 (2015)
Wimmer, M. et al.: Pollen-derived adenosine is a necessary co-factor for ragweed allergy. Allergy 70, 944-954 (2015)
Zissler, U.M. et al.: Th2-induced transcriptome is antagonized by IFN-gamma in airway epithelial cells. Allergy 70, 278-279 (2015)
Bartel, S. et al.: MicroRNA-based identification of epithelial SEC14L3 loss in experimental and human paediatric asthma. Allergy 69, 40-41 (2014)
Dehmel, S. et al.: In utero cigarette smoke exposure affects foetal pulmonary signalling networks in a murine model. Allergy 69, 365 (2014)
Eberlein, B.* et al.: Basophil activation test: Comparison of different basophil identification markers by multicolor flowcytometry. Allergy 69, 336 (2014)
Frick, M.* et al.: Analysis of IgE and IgG4 profiles to a panel of CCD free bee venom allergens in bee venom allergic patients treated with venom immunotherapy. Allergy 69, 23 (2014)
Hotze, M.* et al.: Increased efficacy of omalizumab in atopic dermatitis patients with wild-type filaggrin status and higher serum levels of phosphatidycholines. Allergy 69, 132-135 (2014)
Klümper, C.* et al.: Longitudinal and cross sectional assessment of allergic diseases and social influences differ: Results from GINIplus and LISAplus. Allergy 69, 93 (2014)
Kretschmer, A. et al.: A common atopy-associated variant in the TH2 cytokine locus control region impacts transcriptional regulation and alters SMAD3 and SP1 binding. Allergy 69, 632-642 (2014)
Nathan, P. et al.: Maternal exposure to mainstream cigarette smoke affects lung function in murine offspring. Allergy 69, 460 (2014)
Oeder, S. et al.: Immunological effects of ship diesel emissions in on-line exposed human bronchial epithelial cells. Allergy 69, 454 (2014)
Raulf, M.* et al.: Monitoring of occupational and environmental aeroallergens-EAACI position paper. Allergy 69, 1280-1299 (2014)
Ring, J.* et al.: Global allergy forum and second davos declaration 2013 allergy: Barriers to cure - challenges and actions to be taken. Allergy 69, 978-982 (2014)
Schieck, M.* et al.: A polymorphism in the TH2 locus control region is associated with changes in DNA methylation and gene expression. Allergy 69, 1171-1180 (2014)
Sharma, V.* et al.: Fine-mapping of IgE-associated loci 1q23, 5q31, and 12q13 using 1000 Genomes Project data. Allergy 69, 1077-1084 (2014)
Tischer, C.G. ; Lehmann, I.* ; Schaaf, B.* ; von Berg, A.* & Heinrich, J.: Sleeping on animal skin in the first 3 months of life and development of asthma and allergy in later childhood. Allergy 69, 326-327 (2014)