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Galan, C.* et al.: Airborne olive pollen counts are not representative of exposure to the major olive allergen Ole e 1. Allergy 68, 809-812 (2013)
Heimbeck, I. ; Wjst, M. & Apfelbacher, C.J.*: Low vitamin D serum level is inversely associated with eczema in children and adolescents in Germany. Allergy 68, 906-910 (2013)
Kallinich, T.* et al.: Unexplained recurrent fever: When is autoinflammation the explanation? Allergy 68, 285-296 (2013)
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Ried, J.S. et al.: Integrative genetic and metabolite profiling analysis suggests altered phosphatidylcholine metabolism in asthma. Allergy 68, 629-636 (2013)
Scherer, K.* et al.: Desensitization in delayed drug hypersensitivity reactions - an EAACI position paper of the Drug Allergy Interest Group. Allergy 68, 844-852 (2013)
Soyer, O.U.* et al.: Mechanisms of peripheral tolerance to allergens. Allergy 68, 161-170 (2013)
Tischer, C.G. et al.: Glutathione-S-transferase P1, early exposure to mould in relation to respiratory and allergic health outcomes in children from six birth cohorts. A meta-analysis. Allergy 68, 339-346 (2013)
Vock, C.* ; Yildirim, A.O.E. ; Wagner, C.* ; Wegmann, M.* & Fehrenbach, H.*: Goblet cell metaplasia and mucus production are airway-region specifically regulated in murine allergic asthma. Allergy 68, 236-237 (2013)
Flexeder, C. et al.: Growth velocity during infancy and onset of asthma in school-aged children. Allergy 67, 257-264 (2012)
Gutermuth, J. & Ring, J.*: Mithridates VI eupator of pontus and mithridatism. Reply. Allergy 67, 139-140 (2012)
Krause, K.* et al.: How not to miss autoinflammatory diseases masquerading as urticaria. Allergy 67, 1465-1474 (2012)
Pfab, F. et al.: Acupuncture compared with oral antihistamine for type I hypersensitivity itch and skin response in adults with atopic dermatitis - a patient- and examiner-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. Allergy 67, 566-573 (2012)
Ring, J.* et al.: Davos declaration: Allergy as a global problem. Allergy 67, 141-143 (2012)
Standl, M. et al.: FADS gene cluster modulates the effect of breastfeeding on asthma. Results from the GINIplus and LISAplus studies. Allergy 67, 83-90 (2012)
Blank, S.* et al.: Api m 10, a genuine A. mellifera venom allergen, is clinically relevant but underrepresented in therapeutic extracts. Allergy 66, 1322-1329 (2011)
Bousquet, J.* et al.: MeDALL (Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy): An integrated approach from phenotypes to systems medicine. Allergy 66, 596-604 (2011)
Cramer, C.* et al.: Association between attendance of day care centres and increased prevalence of eczema in the German birth cohort study LISAplus. Allergy 66, 86-75 (2011)
Kowalski, M.L.* et al.: Hypersensitivity to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - classification, diagnosis and management: Review of the EAACI/ENDA and GA2LEN/HANNA. Allergy 66, 818-829 (2011)
Maintz, L.* et al.: Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the diamine oxidase gene with diamine oxidase serum activities. Allergy 66, 893-902 (2011)