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Keil, T.* et al.: The multinational birth cohort of EuroPrevall: Background, aims and methods. Allergy 65, 482-490 (2010)
Mahachie John, J.M.* et al.: Analysis of the high affinity IgE receptor genes reveals epistatic effects of FCER1A variants on eczema risk. Allergy 65, 875-882 (2010)
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Pfab, F. et al.: Temperature modulated histamine-itch in lesional and nonlesional skin in atopic eczema: A combined psychophysical and neuroimaging study. Allergy 65, 84-94 (2010)
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Kormann, M.S.D.* et al.: Rare TLR2 mutations reduce TLR2 receptor function and can increase atopy risk. Allergy 64, 636-642 (2009)
Pinto, L.A.* et al.: IL 15 gene variants are not associated with asthma and atopy. Allergy 64, 643-646 (2009)
Zeilinger, S.* et al.: The effect of BDNF gene variants on asthma in German children. Allergy 64, 1790-1794 (2009)
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D'Amato, G.* et al.: Allergenic pollen and pollen allergy in Europe. Allergy 62, 976-990 (2007)