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Stein, K.* ; Zissler, U.M. ; Schmidt-Weber, C.B. & Heine, H.*: How airway epithelial cells direct dendritic cells in asthma: A search for master regulators. Allergy 75, 168-169 (2020)
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de los Reyes Jimenez, M. et al.: Modulation of the myeloid arachidonic acid metabolism imparts helminth-driven control of type 2 inflammation. Allergy 74, 112-112 (2019)
Friedl, A. et al.: Repeated exposure to house dust mite drives persistent activation of inflammatory macrophages. Allergy 74, 89-89 (2019)
Grosch, J. et al.: Shedding light on the polistes dominula venom proteome-Identification and characterization of novel allergens. Allergy 74, 238-238 (2019)
Gutermuth, J.* ; Schmidt-Weber, C.B. & Blank, S.: Supporting allergen-specific immunotherapy by inhibition of Janus kinases. Allergy 74, 1814-1816 (2019)
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Hulpusch, C. et al.: Microbiome stability and skin physiology in atopic eczema patients and healthy controls upon application of emollients with different PH. Allergy 74, 583-583 (2019)
Jakwerth, C.A. et al.: MiR-8485 is locally upregulated upon allergen-specific immunotherapy and coincides with shifted Breg/Th17 balance. Allergy 74, 63-63 (2019)