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Krause, L. et al.: Mathematical concepts and their challenges in predicting severity of atopic eczema patients. Allergy 73, 731-731 (2018)
Lewitan, L. et al.: Induced sputum transcriptome reveals biomarker pattern in patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma. Allergy 73, 260-261 (2018)
Russkamp, D.* et al.: A thermosensitive hydrogel as delivery system for immunomodulatory substances and allergens during allergen-specific immunotherapy. Allergy 73, 233-233 (2018)
Russkamp, D.* et al.: Sustained inhibition of the IL4/IL13 receptor complex during allergen specific immunotherapy. Allergy 73, 232-232 (2018)
Schilling, J. et al.: E1-and E2 epithelial cell models for allergy research. Allergy 73, 129-129 (2018)
Speth, P.* ; Jargosch, M. ; Eyerich, K.* ; Eyerich, S. & Garzorz-Stark, N.*: The relevance of CMV reactivation in immunocompromised patients suffering from chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Allergy 73, 729-729 (2018)
Standl, M. ; Budu-Aggrey, A.* ; Langan, S.* ; Paternoster, L.* & Brown, S.*: Gene-environment interaction analysis shows preliminary evidence for smoke exposure-FLG and sibling-TRAF3 interactions in eczema aetiology. Allergy 73, 294-295 (2018)
Stein, K.* et al.: Studies of the influence of culture conditions and asthma-associated cytokines on airway epithelial cell activation and interaction with dendritic cells. Allergy 73, 828-828 (2018)
Thomas, J. et al.: The role of humoral immunity in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Allergy 73, 732-733 (2018)
Wahn, U.* ; Bachert, C.* ; Heinrich, J. ; Richter, H.* & Zielen, S.*: AIT has long-term benefits for patients with allergic rhinitis and/or asthma induced by birch family pollen: Refinement of real-world study methodology designed to increase robustness of findings. Allergy 73, 123-124 (2018)
Wjst, M.: Where have all the flowers gone? Allergy 73, 10-10 (2018)
Zielen, S.* ; Devillier, P.* ; Heinrich, J. ; Richter, H.* & Wahn, U.*: Sublingual immunotherapy provides long-term relief in allergic rhinitis and reduces the risk of asthma: A retrospective, real-world database analysis. Allergy 73, 165-177 (2018)
Zielen, S.* ; Wahn, U.* ; Bachert, C.* ; Richter, H.* & Heinrich, J.: AIT is associated with reduced risk of asthma medication initiation and evolution up to 6 years after stopping AIT in patients with birch family pollen-induced allergic rhinitis and/or asthma. Allergy 73, 340-340 (2018)
Zissler, U.M. et al.: Potential of upper airway mediators as biomarkers for asthmatic lung. Allergy 73, 200-200 (2018)
Altunbulakli, C.* et al.: Intra-transcriptome interactions between interleukins and tight junctions, reveals widespread barrier dysregulation in atopic dermatitis lesions. Allergy 72, 54-55 (2017)
Bartel, S.* et al.: The metabolite D-tryptophan from probiotic bacteria ameliorates allergic airway disease and influences the gut microbiome. Allergy 72, 59-59 (2017)
Birzele, L.T.* et al.: Environmental and mucosal microbiota and their role in childhood asthma. Allergy 72, 109-119 (2017)
Devillier, P.* ; Zielen, S.* ; Heinrich, J. ; Richter, H.* & Wahn, U.*: A treatment with 300 index of reactivity (IR) 5-grass pollen tablet is associated with a reduction of asthma onset and a reduction of its progression. Allergy 72, 764-764 (2017)
Fischer, J.* et al.: Prevalence of type I sensitization to alpha-gal in forest service employees and hunters: Is the blood type an overlooked risk factor in epidemiological studies of the alpha-Gal syndrome? Reply. Allergy 72, 2045-2047 (2017)
Graessel, A. et al.: Interference into JAK/stat signalling-a concept for improved allergen-specific immunotherapy? Allergy 72, 40-40 (2017)