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Jatzlauk, G.* ; Bartel, S.* ; Heine, H.* ; Schloter, M. & Krauss-Etschmann, S.*: Influences of environmental bacteria and their metabolites on allergies, asthma and host microbiota. Allergy 72, 1859-1867 (2017)
Keller, T.* et al.: Sex-shift of respiratory multimorbidity prevalence during adolescence - pooled analyses of longitudinal european birth cohort data from medall. Allergy 72, 72-73 (2017)
Lambert, K.A.* et al.: Residential greenness and allergic respiratory disease in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Allergy 72, 425-425 (2017)
Markevych, I. ; Standl, M. ; Lehmann, I.* ; von Berg, A.* & Heinrich, J.: Food diversity during first year of life and allergic diseases until 15 years: Results from lisaplus birth cohort. Allergy 72, 63-63 (2017)
Milger, K. et al.: Identification of a plasma miRNA biomarker-signature for allergic asthma: A translational approach. Allergy 72, 1962-1971 (2017)
Mueller-Rompa, S.E.* ; Markevych, I. ; Heinrich, J. ; Von Mutius, E.* & Ege, M.J.*: Environmental exposures, farming and asthma in childhood. Allergy 72, 363-363 (2017)
Pfaar, O.* et al.: Defining pollen exposure times for clinical trials of allergen immunotherapy for pollen-induced rhinoconjunctivitis - an EAACI position paper. Allergy 72, 713-722 (2017)
Pfaar, O.* et al.: Perspectives in allergen immunotherapy: 2017 and beyond. Allergy 73, 5-23 (2017)
Roberts, G.* et al.: EAACI guidelines on allergen immunotherapy: Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. Allergy 73, 765-798 (2017)
Russkamp, D. et al.: Component-resolved allergen content of therapeutic honeybee venom extracts. Allergy 72, 18-18 (2017)
Schiener, M. et al.: Polistes venom allergy: Identification and immunological characterization of novel allergens. Allergy 72, 17-18 (2017)
Schlumprecht, C. et al.: Immuno-modulatory effects of prebiotics, probiotics and active microbial structures on human primary epithelial cells. Allergy 72, 45-45 (2017)
Shamji, M.H.* et al.: Biomarkers for monitoring clinical efficacy of allergen immunotherapy for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and allergic asthma: An EAACI Position Paper. Allergy 72, 1156-1173 (2017)
Standl, M. et al.: Association of atopic dermatitis with cardiovascular risk factors and diseases. Allergy 72, 53-53 (2017)
Wjst, M.: Linking vitamin D, the microbiome and allergy. Allergy 72, 329-330 (2017)
Zissler, U.M. et al.: Increase of systemic and local regulatory B cells coincides with a shift in T cell subpopulations in and out of grass pollen season. Allergy 72, 107-107 (2017)
Aguilar-Pimentel, J.A. et al.: Experimental allergen-specific immunotherapy under the umbrella of JAK1/3 pathway inhibition substantial improved local parameters of allergic airway inflammation. Allergy 71, 507-507 (2016)
Antunes, C.M.* et al.: Allergenic profile of Quercus rotundifolia pollen in Alentejo, Portugal. Allergy 71, 213-214 (2016)
Bieber, T.* et al.: Global Allergy Forum and 3rd Davos Declaration 2015: Atopic dermatitis/Eczema: Challenges and opportunities toward precision medicine. Allergy 71, 588-592 (2016)
Bousquet, J.* et al.: Paving the way of systems biology and precision medicine in allergic diseases: The MeDALL success story Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy; EUFP7-CP-IP; Project No: 261357; 2010-2015. Allergy 71, 1513-1525 (2016)