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Heine, S. et al.: Effects of IL-4 receptor a blockade during allergen-specific immunotherapy in a murine model of allergic asthma. Allergy 74, 197-198 (2019)
Heldner, A. et al.: Effects of different adjuvants on house dust mite allergy and allergens-specific immunotherapy in a murine model of allergic asthma. Allergy 74, 322-323 (2019)
Henkel, F. et al.: House dust mite drives proinflammatory eicosanoid reprogramming and macrophage effector functions. Allergy 74, 1090-1101 (2019)
Hulpusch, C. et al.: Microbiome stability and skin physiology in atopic eczema patients and healthy controls upon application of emollients with different PH. Allergy 74, 583-583 (2019)
Jakwerth, C.A. et al.: MiR-8485 is locally upregulated upon allergen-specific immunotherapy and coincides with shifted Breg/Th17 balance. Allergy 74, 63-63 (2019)
Kleine-Tebbe, J.* et al.: Is allergy immunotherapy with birch sufficient to treat patients allergic to pollen of tree species of the birch homologous group? Allergy 75, 1327-1336 (2019)
Klös, M.* et al.: Longitudinal trends of serum IgE and IL5RA expression throughout childhood are associated with asthma but not with persistent wheeze. Allergy 74, 2002-2006 (2019)
Klueber, J.* et al.: Method development for allergen capture from allergenic sources using human IgE-antibodies. Allergy 74, 635-635 (2019)
Kovacevic, D.* ; Bartel, S.* ; Pfeiffer, S. ; Schloter, M. & Krauss-Etschmann, S.*: Effects of tobacco smoking on the murine lung and gut microbiome. Allergy 74, 262-262 (2019)
Krautenbacher, N. et al.: A strategy for high-dimensional multivariable analysis classifies childhood asthma phenotypes from genetic, immunological, and environmental factors. Allergy 74, 1364-1373 (2019)
Kröner, C.* et al.: Lung disease in STAT3 hyper-IgE syndrome requires intense therapy. Allergy 74, 1691-1702 (2019)
Laubhahn, K.* et al.: Pathway analysis-Genetic and immunological influences of gene polymorphisms in 17q21 locus on childhood wheeze. Allergy 74, 129-129 (2019)
Maki, J.* et al.: Influence of dog keeping on indoor dust microbiota. Allergy 74, 849-849 (2019)
Markevych, I. ; Bowatte, G.* ; Standl, M. & Heinrich, J.: Cleanliness, hygienic habits, and aeroallergen sensitization: German Bitterfeld 3 study. Allergy 74, 1017-1019 (2019)
Musiol, S. et al.: Human and murine Th9 cells in allergic inflammation. Allergy 74, 263-264 (2019)
Neumann, A.U. et al.: Microbiome correlates of success of treatment of atopic dermatitis with the JAK/SYK inhibitor ASN002. Allergy 74, 112-112 (2019)
Nicklaus, S.* et al.: The protective effect of cheese consumption at 18 months on allergic diseases in the first 6 years. Allergy 74, 788-798 (2019)
Pali-Schöll, I.* et al.: EAACI position paper: Comparing insect hypersensitivity induced by bite, sting, inhalation or ingestion in human beings and animals. Allergy 74, 874-887 (2019)
Pfaar, O.* et al.: Perspectives in allergen immunotherapy: 2019 and beyond. Allergy 74, 3-25 (2019)
Rinaldi, A.O.* et al.: Electrical impedance spectroscopy as a safe and efficient tool for the characterization of epidermal barrier in atopic dermatitis. Allergy 74, 120-121 (2019)