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Roduit, C.* et al.: High levels of butyrate and propionate in early life are associated with protection against atopy. Allergy 74, 799-809 (2019)
Russkamp, D. et al.: IL-4 receptor a blockade prevents sensitization and alters acute and long-lasting effects of allergen-specific immunotherapy of murine allergic asthma. Allergy 74, 1549-1560 (2019)
Schneider, E. et al.: Impact of VOC emissions from pine wood on inflammatory skin disease. Allergy 74, 576-576 (2019)
Soh, W.T.* et al.: Multiple roles of Bet v 1 ligands in allergen stabilization and modulation of endosomal protease activity. Allergy 74, 2382–2393 (2019)
Soh, W.T.* et al.: Dual-role of Bet V 1 ligands in the processing by endolysosomal proteases. Allergy 74, 137-137 (2019)
van de Veen, W.* et al.: Impaired memory B-cell development and antibody maturation with a skewing toward IgE in patients with STAT3 hyper-IgE syndrome. Allergy 74, 2394-2405 (2019)
Wahn, U.* ; Bachert, C.* ; Heinrich, J. ; Richter, H.* & Zielen, S.*: Real-world benefits of allergen immunotherapy for birch pollen-associated allergic rhinitis and asthma. Allergy 74, 594-604 (2019)
Wjst, M.: We are still confused but on a higher level. Allergy 74, 2052-2053 (2019)
Wolff, P.T.* et al.: High prevalence of atopic asthma in rural Malagasy children. Allergy 74, 226-226 (2019)
Zissler, U.M. et al.: Impact of local innate lymphoid cells type 2 (ILC2) in allergic rhinitis and asthma patients. Allergy 74, 200-200 (2019)
Bachert, C.* ; Wahn, U.* ; Heinrich, J. ; Richter, H.* & Zielen, S.*: Allergy immunotherapy provides long-term relief of birch family pollen-induced allergic rhinitis up to 6 years following treatment cessation: A real-world dataset analysis. Allergy 73, 122-122 (2018)
Bergougnan, C. et al.: Nasal epithelial cells from allergic rhinitis patients show lower baseline TLR expression and altered cytokine responses to TLR ligands than cells from healthy individuals. Allergy 73, 241-242 (2018)
Bowatte, G.* et al.: Hygienic behavior and allergic sensitization in German adolescents. Allergy 73, 1915-1918 (2018)
Bowatte, G.* et al.: Hygienic behaviour and allergic sensitization in German adolescents. Allergy 73, 334-334 (2018)
Buters, J.T.M. ; Schmidt-Weber, C.B. & Oteros, J.: Next-generation pollen monitoring and dissemination. Allergy 73, 1944-1945 (2018)
Candeias, J. et al.: Allergic sensitizations in 5-6 year old rural vs urban children in Germany. Allergy 73, 706-706 (2018)
Damialis, A. et al.: From pollen to fungal spore allergy: Alternaria spores under differing environmental regimes and the need for an electronic Spore Information Network (eSPIN) in Bavaria, Germany. Allergy 73, 103-104 (2018)
de Jong, R.J. et al.: The aryl hydrocarbon receptor regulates allergic airway inflammation via non-hematopoietic expression of cytochrome P450 member CYP1B1. Allergy 73, 17-17 (2018)
Depner, M. et al.: Composition of gut microbiota in infancy and its protective effect on asthma at school age. Allergy 73, 87-87 (2018)
Dittmar, M. et al.: Immunological characterization of Polistes dominula venom and identification of the hyaluronidase Pol d 2. Allergy 73, 42-42 (2018)