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Fonseca, J.R. ; Lucio, M. ; Harir, M. & Schmitt-Kopplin, P.: Mining for active molecules in probiotic supernatant by combining non-targeted metabolomics and immunoregulation testing. Metabolites 12:35 (2022)
Gehlert, S.* et al.: Effects of acute and chronic resistance exercise on the skeletal muscle metabolome. Metabolites 12:445 (2022)
Kleinwort, K.J.H.* et al.: Pudding proteomics: Cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase and microbial proteases can liquefy extended shelf life dairy products. Metabolites 12:254 (2022)
Möller, G. et al.: Analogues of natural chalcones as efficient inhibitors of AKR1C3. Metabolites 12:99 (2022)
Rainer, J.* et al.: A modular and expandable ecosystem for metabolomics data annotation in R. Metabolites 12:173 (2022)
Sivaprakasam Padmanaban, P.B. et al.: Mycorrhiza-Tree-Herbivore Interactions: Alterations in poplar metabolome and volatilome. Metabolites 12:93 (2022)
Tran, T.* et al.: Non-targeted metabolomic analysis of the kombucha production process. Metabolites 12:160 (2022)
Afghani, J.* et al.: Enhanced access to the health-related skin metabolome by fast, reproducible and non-invasive WET PREP sampling. Metabolites 11:415 (2021)
De Bernardis Murat, C. & García-Cáceres, C.: Astrocyte gliotransmission in the regulation of systemic metabolism. Metabolites 11:732 (2021)
Föcker, M.* et al.: Evaluation of metabolic profiles of patients with anorexia nervosa at inpatient admission, short-and long-term weight regain—descriptive and pattern analysis. Metabolites 11:7 (2021)
Haslauer, K.E. ; Schmitt-Kopplin, P. & Heinzmann, S.S.: Data processing optimization in untargeted metabolomics of urine using Voigt lineshape model non-linear regression analysis. Metabolites 11:285 (2021)
Huang, J. et al.: Validation of candidate phospholipid biomarkers of chronic kidney disease in hyperglycemic individuals and their organ-specific exploration in leptin receptor-deficient db/db mouse. Metabolites 11:89 (2021)
Kabra, U.* ; Affourtit, C.* & Jastroch, M.: Respiratory parameters for the classification of dysfunctional insulin secretion by pancreatic islets. Metabolites 11:405 (2021)
Kleinwort, K.J.H.* et al.: Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis proteome changes profoundly in milk. Metabolites 11:549 (2021)
Maier, L. et al.: Distribution and associated factors of hepatic iron-A population-based imaging study. Metabolites 11:871 (2021)
Maurer, J.* ; Hoene, M.* & Weigert, C.: Signals from the circle: Tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates as myometabokines. Metabolites 11:474 (2021)
Rus, C.M.* ; Di Bucchianico, S. ; Cozma, C.* ; Zimmermann, R. & Bauer, P.*: Dried Blood Spot (Dbs) methodology study for biomarker discovery in Dried Blood Spot (lsd).  Metabolites 11:382 (2021)
Wahman, R.* ; Sauvetre, A. ; Schröder, P. ; Moser, S.* & Letzel, T.*: Untargeted metabolomics studies on drug-incubated phragmites Australis profiles. Metabolites 11:2 (2021)
Wahman, R.* et al.: Untargeted analysis of Lemna minor Metabolites: Workflow and prioritization strategy comparing highly confident features between different mass spectrometers. Metabolites 11:832 (2021)