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Matheus, F. ; Raveh, T.* ; Oro, A.E.* ; Wernig, M.* & Drukker, M.: Is hypoimmunogenic stem cell therapy safe in times of pandemics? Stem Cell Rep. 17, 711-714 (2022)
Nakamura, A.* et al.: Long-term feeder-free culture of human pancreatic progenitors on fibronectin or matrix-free polymer potentiates β cell differentiation. Stem Cell Rep. 17, 1215-1228 (2022)
Ogundipe, V.M.L.* et al.: Generation and differentiation of adult tissue-derived human thyroid organoids. Stem Cell Rep. 16, 913-925 (2021)
Grosch, M. ; Ittermann, S. ; Shaposhnikov, D. & Drukker, M.: Chromatin-associated membraneless organelles in regulation of cellular differentiation. Stem Cell Rep. 15, 1220-1232 (2020)
Matheus, F. et al.: Pathological ASXL1 mutations and protein variants impair neural crest development. Stem Cell Rep. 12, 861-868 (2019)
Obermann, J. et al.: The surface proteome of adult neural stem cells in zebrafish unveils long-range cell-cell connections and age-related changes in responsiveness to IGF. Stem Cell Rep. 12, 258-273 (2019)
Hastreiter, S. et al.: Inductive and selective effects of GSK3 and MEK inhibition on nanog heterogeneity in embryonic stem cells. Stem Cell Rep. 10, 58-69 (2018)
Volpato, V.* et al.: Reproducibility of molecular phenotypes after long-term differentiation to human iPSC-derived neurons: A multi-site omics study. Stem Cell Rep. 11, 897-911 (2018)
Khan, A.* et al.: SNEVhPrp19/hPso4 regulates adipogenesis of human adipose stromal cells. Stem Cell Rep. 8, 21-29 (2017)
Steens, J.* et al.: In vitro generation of vascular wall-resident multipotent stem cells of mesenchymal nature from murine induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cell Rep. 8, 919-932 (2017)
Istvanffy, R.* et al.: Stroma-derived connective tissue growth factor maintains cell cycle progression and repopulation activity of hematopoietic stem cells in vitro. Stem Cell Rep. 5, 702-715 (2015)
Kurek, D.* et al.: Endogenous WNT signals mediate BMP-induced and spontaneous differentiation of epiblast stem cells and human embryonic stem cells. Stem Cell Rep. 4, 114-128 (2015)
Beckervordersandforth, R. et al.: In vivo targeting of adult neural stem cells in the dentate gyrus by a split-cre approach. Stem Cell Rep. 2, 153-162 (2014)
Goldman, O.* et al.: Endoderm generates endothelial cells during liver development. Stem Cell Rep. 3, 556-565 (2014)
Heinrich, C.* et al.: Sox2-mediated conversion of NG2 glia into induced neurons in the injured adult cerebral cortex. Stem Cell Rep. 3, 1000-1014 (2014)
Thalheimer, F.B.* et al.: Cytokine-regulated GADD45G induces differentiation and lineage selection in hematopoietic stem cells. Stem Cell Rep. 3, 34-43 (2014)