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Kremmer, E. ; Mysliwietz, J. ; Lederer, R. & Thierfelder, S.: Murine Anti-Mouse T Cell Monoclonal Antibodies Elicit anti-antibodies in Mice: Intraspecies Immunization Model for Estimating Potential Patient Sensitization Against humanized anti-T cell Antibodies. Eur. J. Immunol. 23, 1017-1022 (1993)
Kremmer, E. ; Mysliwietz, J. ; Lederer, R. & Thierfelder, S.S.: Murine anti-mouse T cell monoclonal antibodies elicit anti-antibodies in mice: Intra-species immunization model for estimating potential patient sensitization against humanized anti-T cell antibodies. Eur. J. Immunol. 23, 1017-1022 (1993)
Kummer, U. ; Haunschild, J. ; Reisbach, G.* ; Delecluse, H.J.* & Thierfelder, S.S.: Mitogenicity of anti-Thy-1 monoclonal antibodies attributable to an Fc-dependent mechanism. Eur. J. Immunol. 23, 2649-2654 (1993)
Hoffmann-Fezer, G. ; Kranz, B. ; Gall, C. & Thierfelder, S.: Peritoneal Sanctuary for Human Lymphopoiesis in SCID Mice Injected with Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of EBV-donors. Eur. J. Immunol. 22, 3161-3166 (1992)
Jung, G.* ; Freimann, U. ; von Marschall, Z.* ; Reisfeld, R.A.* & Wilmanns, W.: Target cell-induced T cell activation with bi- and trispecific antibody fragments. Eur. J. Immunol. 21, 2431-2435 (1991)
Hültner, L. et al.: Mast cell growth enhancing activity (MEA) is structurally related and functionally identical to the novel mouse T cell growth factor P40/TCGFIII (interleukin 9). Eur. J. Immunol. 20, 1413-1416 (1990)
Kummer, U. ; Thierfelder, S. & Mysliwietz, J.: Antigen Density on Target Cells Determines the Immunosuppressive Potential of Rat IgG2b Monoclonal Antibodies. Eur. J. Immunol. 20, 107-112 (1990)
Kummer, U. ; Thierfelder, S.S. & Mysliwietz, J.: Antigen density on target cells determines the immunosuppressive potential of rat IgG2b monoclonal antibodies. Eur. J. Immunol. 20, 107-112 (1990)