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Graw, J. et al.: Ethylnitrosourea-induced mutation in mice leads to the expression of a novel protein in the eye and to dominant cataracts. Genetics 157, 1313-1320 (2001)
Pretsch, W. ; Merkle, S. ; Favor, J. & Werner, T.: A Mutation Affecting the Lactate Dehydrogenase Locus Ldh-1 in the Mouse. - II. Mechanism of the LDH-A Deficiency Associated with Hemolytic Anemia. Genetics 135, 161-170 (1993)
Pretsch, W. ; Merkle, S. ; Favor, J. & Werner, T.: A mutation affecting the lactate dehydrogenase locus Ldh-1 in the mouse. II. Mechanism of the LDH-A deficiency associated with hemolytic anemia. Genetics 135, 161-170 (1993)
Merkle, S. ; Favor, J. ; Graw, J. ; Hornhardt, S.V. & Pretsch, W.: Hereditary lactate dehydrogenase A-subunit deficiency as cause of early postimplantation death of homozygotes in Mus musculus. Genetics 131, 413-421 (1992)
Merkle, S. & Pretsch, W.: Characterization of triosephosphate isomerase mutants with reduced enzyme activity in Mus musculus. Genetics 123, 837-844 (1989)
Eckardt-Schupp, F. ; Siede, W. & Game, J.C.: The RAD24 (= RS1) gene product of Saccharomyces cerevisiae participates in two different pathways of DNA repair. Genetics 115, 83-90 (1987)