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Liu, N. et al.: Facile synthesis of a croconaine-based nanoformulation for optoacoustic imaging and photothermal therapy. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 10:e2002115 (2021)
Erben, A.* et al.: Precision 3D-printed cell scaffolds mimicking native tissue composition and mechanics. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 9:2000918 (2020)
Duin, S.* et al.: 3D bioprinting of functional islets of Langerhans in an alginate/methylcellulose hydrogel blend. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 8:e1801631 (2019)
Wuttke, S.* et al.: Validating metal-organic framework nanoparticles for their nanosafety in diverse biomedical applications. Adv. Healthc. Mater. 6:1600818 (2016)