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Buitrago-Molina, L.E.* et al.: p53-independent induction of p21 fails to control regeneration and hepatocarcinogenesis in a murine liver injury model. Cell. Mol. Gast. Hept. 11, 1387-1404 (2021)
Neumeyer, V.* et al.: Loss of RNF43 function contributes to gastric carcinogenesis by impairing DNA damage response. Cell. Mol. Gast. Hept. 11, 1071-1094 (2021)
Einer, C. et al.: A high caloric diet aggravates mitochondrial dysfunction and triggers severe liver damage in Wilson disease rats. Cell. Mol. Gast. Hept. 7, 571-596 (2019)
Jian, Z.* et al.: Glycemic variability promotes both local invasion and metastatic colonization by pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Cell. Mol. Gast. Hept. 6, 429-449 (2018)
Hösel, M.* et al.: Hepatitis B virus activates signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 supporting hepatocyte survival and virus replication. Cell. Mol. Gast. Hept. 4, 339-363 (2017)