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Legutko, B. et al.: Astrocytic leptin and insulin signals interact to maintain systemic metabolic homeostasis. Glia 65, E219-E219 (2017)
Li, M.* ; Hollunder, F.* ; Loy, K.* ; Bareyre, F.* & Sirko, S.: Region-specific reaction of glial cells in the brain parenchyma of adult mice following spinal cord injury. Glia 65, E543-E543 (2017)
Mattugini, N. et al.: Differences of grey and white matter astrocytes in the intact and injured cerebral cortex. Glia 65, E404-E405 (2017)
Ohlig, S. et al.: Proliferation and neural stem cell potential of diencephalic astrocytes revealed by genome-wide expression analysis is Smad4-dependent. Glia 65, E401-E401 (2017)
Pfaller, A.* et al.: miRNA profile and expression analysis of Muller cells from the diabetic retina implicates a possible role of PDGF-mediated signaling in retinal glia for disease progression. Glia 65, E193-E193 (2017)
Hernandez-Garzón, E.* et al.: The insulin-like growth factor I receptor regulates glucose transport by astrocytes. Glia 64, 1962-1971 (2016)
Schneider, S. et al.: Decrease in newly generated oligodendrocytes leads to motor dysfunctions and changed myelin structures that can be rescued by transplanted cells. Glia 64, 2201-2218 (2016)
Beckervordersandforth, R.* et al.: Mitochondrial dysfunction mimics the impact of ageing on hippocampal neurogenesis. Glia 63, E297-E298 (2015)
Dimou, L. & Gallo, V.*: NG2-glia and their functions in the central nervous system. Glia 63, 1429-1451 (2015)
Gallo, V.* & Götz, M.: Glial stem and progenitor cells shape the brain-in ontogeny, phylogeny, and disease. Glia 63, 1288-1290 (2015)
Gascón, S. ; Murenu, E.* ; Irmler, M. & Götz, M.: Identification and successful negotiation of a metabolic checkpoint in direct neuronal reprogramming. Glia 63, E64 (2015)
Götz, M. ; Sirko, S. ; Beckers, J. & Irmler, M.: Reactive astrocytes as neural stem or progenitor cells: In vivo lineage, In vitro potential, and genome-wide expression analysis. Glia 63, 1452-1468 (2015)
Malik, V.* et al.: Antidepressants increase expression of the trophic factor GDF15 in astrocytes and enhance their plasticity at the glia-vasculature interface. Glia 63, E407 (2015)
Schneider, S. ; Simon, C.* ; Eichele, G.* ; Götz, M. & Dimou, L.: Genetic ablation of proliferating NG2-glia in the adult brain. Glia 63, E105-E106 (2015)
Sirko, S. et al.: Astrocyte reactivity after brain injury -  the role of galectins 1 and 3. Glia 63, 2340-2361 (2015)
Viganò, F. et al.: GPR17 expressing NG2-Glia: Oligodendrocyte progenitors serving as a reserve pool after injury. Glia 64, 287-299 (2015)
Gao, Y. et al.: Hormones and diet, but not body weight, control hypothalamic microglial activity. Glia 62, 17-25 (2014)
Behrendt, G.* et al.: Dynamic changes in myelin aberrations and oligodendrocyte generation in chronic amyloidosis in mice and men. Glia 61, 273-286 (2013)
Baumgart, E.V. ; Barbosa, J.S. ; Bally-Cuif, L.* ; Götz, M. & Ninkovic, J.: Stab wound injury of the zebrafish telencephalon: A model for comparative analysis of reactive gliosis. Glia 60, 343-357 (2012)