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Cruceanu, C.* et al.: Cell-type-specific impact of glucocorticoid receptor activation on the developing brain: A cerebral organoid study. Am. J. Psychiatry 179, 375-387 (2021)
Duncan, L.* et al.: Significant locus and metabolic genetic correlations revealed in genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosa. Am. J. Psychiatry 174, 850-858 (2017)
Schulze, T.G.* et al.: Genotype-phenotype studies in bipolar disorder showing association between the DAOA/G30 locus and persecutory delusions: A first step toward a molecular genetic classicfication of psychiatric phenotypes. Am. J. Psychiatry 162, 2101-2108 (2005)
Ladwig, K.-H. et al.: Long-Acting Psychotraumatic Properties of a Cardiac Arrest Experience. Am. J. Psychiatry 156, 912-919 (1999)