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Hauffe, R.* et al.: Obesity hinders the protective effect of selenite supplementation on insulin signaling. Antioxidants 11:862 (2022)
Matta, L.* et al.: Exercise improves redox homeostasis and mitochondrial function in white adipose tissue. Antioxidants 11:1689 (2022)
Pigazzani, F.* et al.: The prognostic value of derivatives-reactive oxygen metabolites (d-ROMs) for cardiovascular disease events and mortality: A review. Antioxidants 11:1541 (2022)
Nono Nankam, P.A. ; Nguelefack, T.B.* ; Goedecke, J.H.* & Blüher, M.: Contribution of adipose tissue oxidative stress to obesity-associated diabetes risk and ethnic differences: Focus on women of African ancestry. Antioxidants 10:622 (2021)
Rezende, F.* et al.: Nox4 maintains blood pressure during low sodium diet. Antioxidants 10:1103 (2021)
Rudolf, E.E. et al.: Gsnor contributes to demethylation and expression of transposable elements and stress-responsive genes. Antioxidants 10:1128 (2021)
Urbano, T.* et al.: Association of urinary and dietary selenium and of serum selenium species with serum alanine aminotransferase in a healthy italian population. Antioxidants 10:1516 (2021)
Khoei, N.S.* ; Anton, G. ; Peters, A. ; Freisling, H.* & Wagner, K.H.*: The association between serum bilirubin levels and colorectal cancer risk: Results from the prospective cooperative health research in the region of Augsburg (KORA) in Germany. Antioxidants 9:908 (2020)
Morgenstern, J.* ; Campos, M.C.* ; Nawroth, P.P. & Fleming, T.*: The glyoxalase system—new insights into an ancient metabolism. Antioxidants 9:939 (2020)
Simões, I.C.M.* et al.: Western diet causes obesity-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease development by differentially compromising the autophagic response. Antioxidants 9:995 (2020)