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Gehm, C.* et al.: Hyper-fast gas chromatography and single-photon ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry with integrated electrical modulator-based sampling for headspace and online VOC analyses. Analyst 146, 3137-3149 (2021)
Torrentó, C.* et al.: Solid-phase extraction method for stable isotope analysis of pesticides from large volume environmental water samples. Analyst 144, 2898–2908 (2019)
Zhou, H.* et al.: Early apoptosis real-time detection by label-free SERS based on externalized phosphatidylserine. Analyst 141, 4293-4298 (2016)
Schmidt, A.M.* et al.: Molecular phenotypic profiling of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain at the single-cell level. Analyst 139, 5709-5717 (2014)
Tang, Z.* et al.: Rapid assessment of the coenzyme Q10 redox state using ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Analyst 139, 5600-5604 (2014)
Krämer, P.M. ; Keß, M. ; Kremmer, E. & Schulte-Hostede, S.: Multi-parameter determination of TNFα, PCT and CRP for point-of-care testing. Analyst 136, 692-695 (2011)
Nischwitz, V. ; Michalke, B. & Kettrup, A.: Optimisation of extraction procedures for metallothionein-isoforms and superoxide dismutase from liver samples using spiking experiments. Analyst 128, 109-115 (2003)
Bunzl, K. ; Schimmack, W. ; Schramel, P. & Suomela, M.*: Effect of sample drying and storage time on the extraction of fallout 239+240Pu, 137Cs and natural 210Pb as well as of satble Cs, Pb and Mn from soils. Analyst 124, 1383-1387 (1999)
Bunzl, K.W. ; Kracke, W. & Schimmack, W.: Vertical migration of Plutonium-239 + -240, Americium-241 and Caesium-137 fallout in a forest soil under spruce. Analyst 117 3, 469-474 (1992)