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Xu, M.* et al.: Identification of a novel m.3955G > A variant in MT-ND1 associated with Leigh syndrome. Mitochondrion 62, 13-23 (2022)
Einer, C. et al.: Mitochondrial adaptation in steatotic mice. Mitochondrion, DOI: 10.1016/j.mito.2017.08.015 (2018)
Hempel, M.* et al.: LYRM7 - associated complex III deficiency: A clinical, molecular genetic, MR tomographic, and biochemical study. Mitochondrion 37, 55-61 (2017)
Catarino, C.B.* et al.: Characterization of a Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) family harboring two primary LHON mutations m.11778G>A and m.14484T>C of the mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrion 36, 15-20 (2016)
Flaquer, A. et al.: Association study of mitochondrial genetic polymorphisms in asthmatic children. Mitochondrion 14, 49-53 (2014)
Schmitt, S. et al.: Why to compare absolute numbers of mitochondria. Mitochondrion 19, 113-123 (2014)
Mueller, J.C. ; Andreoli, C. ; Prokisch, H. & Meitinger, T.: Mechanisms for multiple intracellular localization of human mitochondrial proteins. Mitochondrion 3, 315-325 (2004)