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Zanetti, S.R.* et al.: A novel and efficient tandem CD19- and CD22-directed CAR for B-cell ALL. Mol. Ther., DOI: 10.1016/j.ymthe.2021.08.033 (2021)
Schreiber, S. et al.: Characterization of MHC class II-restricted t-cell receptors for t-cell therapy of HBV infection. Mol. Ther. 28, 520-520 (2020)
Festag, M. et al.: Evaluation of a fully human, hepatitis B virus-specific chimeric antigen receptor in an immunocompetent mouse model. Mol. Ther. 27, 947-959 (2019)
Kalbarczyk, M.* et al.: Cord blood derived CAR-T cells targeting gp350 containing CD28/CD3 zeta or 4-1BB/CD3 zeta signaling domains directly react against cells infected with EBV bypassing the need of HLA-matched memory T cells. Mol. Ther. 27, 175-176 (2019)
Hentzschel, F.* et al.: AAV8-mediated in vivo overexpression of miR-155 enhances the protective capacity of genetically-attenuated malarial parasites. Mol. Ther. 22, 2130-2141 (2014)
Altomonte, J.* et al.: Antifibrotic properties of transarterial oncolytic VSV therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma in rats with thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis. Mol. Ther. 21, 2032-2042 (2013)
Jiang, S.N.* et al.: Engineering of bacteria for the visualization of targeted delivery of a cytolytic anticancer agent. Mol. Ther. 21, 1985-1995 (2013)
Su, B.W.* et al.: Systemic TNFα gene therapy synergizes with liposomal doxorubicine in the treatment of metastatic cancer. Mol. Ther. 21, 300-308 (2013)
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Perabo, L.* et al.: In Vitro Selection of Viral Vectors with Modified Tropism : the Adeno-associated Virus Display. Mol. Ther. 8, 151-157 (2003)