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Bazihizina, N.* et al.: Stalk cell polar ion transport provide for bladder-based salinity tolerance in Chenopodium quinoa. New Phytol. 235, 1822-1835 (2022)
Brunn, M.* et al.: Carbon allocation to root exudates is maintained in mature temperate tree species under drought. New Phytol. 235, 965-977 (2022)
Crosbie, D.B.* et al.: Microbiome profiling reveals that Pseudomonas antagonise parasitic nodule colonisation of cheater rhizobia in Lotus. New Phytol. 234, 242-255 (2022)
Seabra, A.B.* et al.: Nitric oxide-releasing nanomaterials: From basic research to potential biotechnological applications in agriculture. New Phytol. 234, 1119-1125 (2022)
Bertic, M. et al.: European oak chemical diversity - from ecotypes to herbivore resistance. New Phytol. 232, 818-834 (2021)
Clausing, S.* et al.: Carbohydrate depletion in roots impedes phosphorus nutrition in young forest trees. New Phytol. 229, 2611-2624 (2021)
Srikanta Dani, K.G.* et al.: Isoprene enhances leaf cytokinin metabolism and induces early senescence. New Phytol., DOI: 10.1111/nph.17833 (2021)
Vlot, A.C. et al.: Systemic propagation of immunity in plants. New Phytol. 229, 1234-1250 (2021)
Bahram, M.* et al.: Plant nutrient-acquisition strategies drive topsoil microbiome structure and function. New Phytol. 227, 1189-1199 (2020)
Ghirardo, A. et al.: Metabolomic adjustments in the orchid mycorrhizal fungus Tulasnella calospora during symbiosis with Serapias vomeracea. New Phytol. 228, 1939-1952 (2020)
Guo, Y. et al.: Sniffing fungi – phenotyping of volatile chemical diversity in Trichoderma species. New Phytol. 227, 244-259 (2020)
Gupta, K.J.* et al.: Recommendations on terminology and experimental best practice associated with plant nitric oxide research. New Phytol. 225, 1828-1834 (2020)
Gupta, K.J.* et al.: Regulating the regulator: Nitric oxide control of post-translational modifications. New Phytol. 227, 1319-1325 (2020)
Kruse, J.* et al.: Optimization of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance in the date palm Phoenix dactylifera during acclimation to heat and drought. New Phytol. 223, 1973-1988 (2019)
Marin De La Rosa, N.A. et al.: Drought resistance is mediated by divergent strategies in closely related Brassicaceae. New Phytol. 223, 783-797 (2019)
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Müller, H.M.* et al.: The desert plant Phoenix dactylifera closes stomata via nitrate-regulated SLAC1 anion channel. New Phytol. 216, 150-162 (2017)
Ma, W.* et al.: Rye B chromosomes encode a functional Argonaute-like protein with in vitro slicer activities similar to its a chromosome paralog. New Phytol. 213, 916-928 (2016)
Gao, P.* et al.: Integration of trap- and root-derived nitrogen nutrition of carnivorous Dionaea muscipula. New Phytol. 205, 1320-1329 (2015)
Kovacs, I. ; Durner, J. & Lindermayr, C.: Crosstalk between nitric oxide and glutathione is required for NONEXPRESSOR OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES 1 (NPR1)-dependent defense signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytol. 208, 860-872 (2015)