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Kowall, B.* et al.: Reversion from prediabetes to normoglycaemia after weight change in older persons: The KORA F4/FF4 study. Nutr. Metab. Cardiovasc. Dis. 31, 429-438 (2021)
Markus, M.R.P.* et al.: Prediabetes is associated with microalbuminuria, reduced kidney function and chronic kidney disease in the general population The KORA (Cooperative Health Research in the Augsburg Region) F4-Study. Nutr. Metab. Cardiovasc. Dis. 28, 234-242 (2018)
Prudente, S.* et al.: The SH2B1 obesity locus and abnormal glucose homeostasis: Lack of evidence for association from a meta-analysis in individuals of European ancestry. Nutr. Metab. Cardiovasc. Dis. 23, 1043-1049 (2013)
Markus, M.R.* et al.: Implications of prevalent and incident diabetes mellitus on left ventricular geometry and function in the ageing heart: The MONICA/KORA Augsburg cohort study. Nutr. Metab. Cardiovasc. Dis. 21, 189-196 (2011)