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Obermeier, M. ; Minarsch, E.-M.L. ; Durai Raj, A.C. ; Rineau, F.* & Schröder, P.: Changes of soil-rhizosphere microbiota after organic amendment application in a Hordeum vulgare L. short-term greenhouse experiment. Plant Soil 455, 489–506 (2020)
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Nickel, U.T. et al.: Nitrogen fertilisation reduces sink strength of poplar ectomycorrhizae during recovery after drought more than phosphorus fertilisation. Plant Soil 419, 405–422 (2017)
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Faubert, P. et al.: The shift in plant species composition in a subarctic mountain birch forest floor due to climate change would modify the biogenic volatile organic compound emission profile. Plant Soil 352, 199-215 (2012)
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Weinert, N.* et al.: Effects of genetically modified potatoes with increased zeaxanthin content on the abundance and diversity of rhizobacteria with in vitro antagonistic activity do not exceed natural variability among cultivars. Plant Soil 326, 437-452 (2010)
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