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Brall, T. ; Mares, V. ; Bütikofer, R.* & Rühm, W.: Assessment of secondary neutrons from galactic cosmic rays at mountain altitudes-Geant4 simulations and ground-based measurements of neutron energy spectra. Radiat. Meas. 144:106592 (2021)
Discher, M. ; Woda, C. ; Ekendahl, D.* ; Rojas-Palma, C.* & Steinhäusler, F.*: Evaluation of physical retrospective dosimetry methods in a realistic accident scenario: Results of a field test. Radiat. Meas. 142:106544 (2021)
Discher, M. ; Eakins, J.* ; Woda, C. & Tanner, R.*: Translation of the absorbed dose in the mobile phone to organ doses of an ICRP voxel phantom using MCNPX simulation of an Ir-192 point source. Radiat. Meas. 146:106603 (2021)
Kim, H.* ; Discher, M.* ; Kim, M.C.* ; Woda, C. & Lee, J.*: Thermally assisted optically stimulated luminescence protocol of mobile phone substrate glasses for accident dosimetry. Radiat. Meas. 146:106625 (2021)
Pagonis, V.* ; Woda, C. & Discher, M.*: Quantitative analysis of thermoluminescence signals of glass displays from mobile phones. Radiat. Meas. 146:106614 (2021)
Rabus, H.* et al.: Consistency checks of results from a Monte Carlo code intercomparison for emitted electron spectra and energy deposition around a single gold nanoparticle irradiated by X-rays. Radiat. Meas. 147:106637 (2021)
Ulanowski, A. ; Hiller, M. & Woda, C.: Absorbed doses in bricks and TL-dosimeters due to anthropogenic and natural environmental radiation sources. Radiat. Meas. 140:106458 (2021)
Zankl, M. ; Eakins, J.* ; Gomez Ros, J.M.* & Huet, C.*: The ICRP recommended methods of red bone marrow dosimetry. Radiat. Meas. 146:106611 (2021)
Zankl, M. et al.: EURADOS intercomparison on the usage of the ICRP/ICRU adult reference computational phantoms. Radiat. Meas. 145:106596 (2021)
Zankl, M. et al.: Monte Carlo calculation of organ dose coefficients for internal dosimetry: Results of an international intercomparison exercise. Radiat. Meas. 148:106661 (2021)
Ambrožová, I.* et al.: REFLECT - Research flight of EURADOS and CRREAT: Intercomparison of various radiation dosimeters onboard aircraft. Radiat. Meas. 137:106433 (2020)
Bandalo, V. et al.: Performance of the BeOSL eye lens dosemeter with radiation protection glasses. Radiat. Meas. 131:106235 (2020)
Brall, T. et al.: Monte Carlo simulation of the CERN-EU High Energy Reference Field (CERF) facility. Radiat. Meas. 133:106294 (2020)
Discher, M.* et al.: PTTL characteristics of glass samples from mobile phones. Radiat. Meas. 132:106261 (2020)
Hödlmoser, H. et al.: A BeOSL finger ring dosemeter. Radiat. Meas. 131:106234 (2020)
Hödlmoser, H. et al.: Individual monitoring with BeOSL dosemeters: New dosemeters for extremity and area dosimetry. Radiat. Meas. 132:106258 (2020)
Kim, H.* et al.: Characterization of thermoluminescence of chip cards for emergency dosimetry. Radiat. Meas. 134:106321 (2020)
Mafodda, A. & Woda, C.: External dose-rate measurements based on smartphone CMOS sensors. Radiat. Meas. 137:106403 (2020)
Hödlmoser, H. et al.: New eye lens dosemeters for integration in radiation protection glasses. Radiat. Meas. 125, 106-115 (2019)
Li, W. ; Hofmann, W.* & Friedland, W.: Microdosimetry and nanodosimetry for internal emitters. Radiat. Meas. 115, 29-42 (2018)