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Diehl, C. et al.: nTMS-derived DTI-based motor fiber tracking in radiotherapy treatment planning of high-grade gliomas for avoidance of motor structures. Radiother. Oncol. 171, 189-197 (2022)
Löck, S.* et al.: Biomarker signatures for primary radiochemotherapy of locally advanced HNSCC - hypothesis generation on a multicentre cohort of the DKTK-ROG. Radiother. Oncol. 169, 8-14 (2022)
Patil, S.* et al.: Analyses of molecular subtypes and their association to mechanisms ofradioresistance in patients with HPV-negative HNSCC treated bypostoperative radiochemotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 167, 300-307 (2022)
Patil, S.* et al.: Development and validation of a 6-gene signature for the prognosis of loco-regional control in patients with HPV-negative locally advanced HNSCC treated by postoperative radio(chemo)therapy. Radiother. Oncol. 171, 91-100 (2022)
Combs, S.E. et al.: ESTRO ACROP guideline for target volume delineation of skull base tumors. Radiother. Oncol. 156, 80-94 (2021)
Nguyen, L. et al.: Impact of DNA repair and reactive oxygen species levels on radioresistance in pancreatic cancer. Radiother. Oncol. 159, 265-276 (2021)
Peeken, J.C. et al.: MRI-based delta-radiomics predicts pathologic complete response in high-grade soft-tissue sarcoma patients treated with neoadjuvant therapy. Radiother. Oncol. 164, 73-82 (2021)
Borm, K.J.* et al.: Irradiation of regional lymph node areas in breast cancer - Dose evaluation according to the Z0011, AMAROS, EORTC 10981-22023 and MA-20 field design. Radiother. Oncol. 142, 195-201 (2020)
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Bierbaumer, D.* et al.: Impact of diabetes on outcome and toxicity of neoadjuvant (chemo)radiation for rectal cancer. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S794-S795 (2019)
Bierbaumer, D.* et al.: Impact of diabetes on outcome and toxicity of chemoradiation for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S780-S780 (2019)
Brunner, T.B.* et al.: Stereotactic body radiotherapy dose and its impact on local control and overall survival of patients for locally advanced intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Radiother. Oncol. 132, 42-47 (2019)
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Diehl, C.D.* et al.: Application of presurgical navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation motor mapping for adjuvant radiotherapy planning in patients with high-grade gliomas. Radiother. Oncol. 138, 30-37 (2019)
Gerhardt, A.S.* et al.: Influence of rotational setup errors on dose in target and organs at risk in cranial radiotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S1210-S1211 (2019)
Hirmer, E. et al.: The interaction between miR-221 overexpression and radiosensitivity in mamma carcinoma cell lines. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S603-S604 (2019)
Hombrink, G. ; Wilkens, J.J.* ; Combs, S.E. & Bartzsch, S.: Microcavities in the lung affect the dose distribution in microbeam radiation therapy. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S47-S48 (2019)
Kessel, K.A. et al.: Influence of PET-imaging during treatment planning on outcome in meningioma patients. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S690-S691 (2019)
Klapproth, A.* et al.: MC simulations on the dose enhancement effect of antibody conjugated AuNPs in targeted radiotherapy. Radiother. Oncol. 133, S1147-S1148 (2019)