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Bernhardt, D.* et al.: DEGRO practical guideline for central nervous system radiation necrosis part 2: Treatment. Strahlenther. Onkol. 198, 971-980 (2022)
Bernhardt, D.* et al.: DEGRO practical guideline for central nervous system radiation necrosis part 1: Classification and a multistep approach for diagnosis. Strahlenther. Onkol. 198, 873-883 (2022)
Vogel, M.M. ; Kessel, C.* ; Eitz, K.A. & Combs, S.E.: Coronavirus disease 2019 and radiation oncology—survey on the impact of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 pandemic on health care professionals in radiation oncology. Strahlenther. Onkol. 198, 346-353 (2022)
Dapper, H.* et al.: Integration of radiation oncology teaching in medical studies by German medical faculties due to the new licensing regulations: An overview and recommendations of the consortium academic radiation oncology of the German Society for Radiation Oncology (DEGRO). Strahlenther. Onkol., DOI: 10.1007/s00066-021-01861-7 (2021)
Krug, D.* et al.: Moderate hypofractionation remains the standard of care for whole-breast radiotherapy in breast cancer: Considerations regarding FAST and FAST-Forward. Strahlenther. Onkol. 197, 269-280 (2021)
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Krug, D.* et al.: Correction to: Innovative radiation oncology Together-Precise, Personalized, Human. Strahlenther. Onkol., DOI: 10.1007/s00066-021-01869-z (2021)
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Lapa, C.* et al.: Correction to: Value of PET imaging for radiation therapy. Strahlenther. Onkol., DOI: 10.1007/s00066-021-01851-9 (2021)
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Borm, K.J. et al.: Adjuvant Irradiation of the internal Mammary Lymph Nodes of Patients with Breast Cancer. How high is the additional Toxicity when Using modern Radiation Techniques? Strahlenther. Onkol. 196, 1, S139-S139 (2020)
Combs, S.E. & Atkinson, M.J.: Happy birthday, Klaus-Rudiger! Heartfelt appreciation on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Professor Klaus-Rudiger Trott. Strahlenther. Onkol. 196, 747–748 (2020)
Dapper, H.* et al.: Dosimetric comparison of organs at risk using different contouring guidelines for definition of the clinical target volume in anal cancer. Strahlenther. Onkol. 196, 368–375 (2020)