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Burns, J.* et al.: COVID-19 mitigation measures and nitrogen dioxide - a quasi-experimental study of air quality in Munich, Germany. Atmos. Environ. 246:118089 (2021)
Charalampopoulos, A.* ; Damialis, A. ; Lazarina, M.* ; Halley, J.M.* & Vokou, D.*: Spatiotemporal assessment of airborne pollen in the urban environment: The pollenscape of Thessaloniki as a case study. Atmos. Environ. 247:118185 (2021)
Kolek, F. ; Plaza, M.P. ; Charalampopoulos, A.* ; Traidl-Hoffmann, C. & Damialis, A.*: Biodiversity, abundance, seasonal and diurnal airborne pollen distribution patterns at two different heights in Augsburg, Germany. Atmos. Environ. 267:118774 (2021)
Liu, X. et al.: Combined land-use and street view image model for estimating black carbon concentrations in urban areas. Atmos. Environ. 265:118719 (2021)
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Hertig, E.* et al.: Association of ground-level ozone, meteorological factors and weather types with daily myocardial infarction frequencies in Augsburg, Southern Germany. Atmos. Environ. 217:116975 (2019)
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Czech, H.* ; Schnelle-Kreis, J. ; Streibel, T.* & Zimmermann, R.: New directions: Beyond sulphur, vanadium and nickel - About source apportionment of ship emissions in emission control areas. Atmos. Environ. 163, 190-191 (2017)
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Reda, A. et al.: Corrigendum to "Gas phase carbonyl compounds in ship emissions: Differences between diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil operation". Atmos. Environ. 112, 369 (2015)
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