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Eggenhofer, E.* et al.: Targeting innate immune cells and regulated cell death in early hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury. Transplantation 102, S713-S713 (2018)
Werner, J.M.* ; Adenugba, A.* & Protzer, U.: Immune reconstitution after HCV clearance with direct antiviral agents: Potential consequences for patients with HCC? Transplantation 101, 904-909 (2017)
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Markmann, J.F.* et al.: Executive summary of IPITA-TTS opinion leaders report on the future of β-cell replacement. Transplantation 100, E25-E31 (2016)
Kemter, E.* et al.: INS-EGFP transgenic piglets provide a novel tool for studying maturation and vascularization of Neonatal Islet Cell Clusters (NICCs) in vivo. Transplantation 99, S99 (2015)
Ludwig, B. et al.: Preclinical studies on porcine islet macroencapsulation in non-human primates. Transplantation 99, S31 (2015)
Ludwig, B. et al.: Attenuation of immunosuppression related negative effects on islet grafts by Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) agonist. Transplantation 99, S123 (2015)
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Mysliwietz, J. ; Thierfelder, S.S. ; Hoffmann-Fezer, G. & Kummer, U.: Antilymphocytic antibodies and bone marrow transplantation: XI. Evidence that reduced Thy-1 expression in Thy-1.1 mice prevents suppression of graft-versus-host disease with anti-Thy-1 monoclonal antibodies. Transplantation 49, 749-755 (1990)
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