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Blank, S. & Hilger, C.*: Editorial: Novel advances in allergy diagnosis and treatment. Front. Immunol. 12:662699 (2021)
Brand, I.* et al.: Broad T cell targeting of structural proteins after SARS-CoV-2 infection: High throughput assessment of T cell reactivity using an automated interferon gamma release assay. Front. Immunol. 12:688436 (2021)
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Körber, N. et al.: Hepatitis B vaccine non-responders show higher frequencies of CD24highCD38high regulatory B cells and lower levels of IL-10 expression compared to responders. Front. Immunol. 12:713351 (2021)
Linder, A.* et al.: Defective interfering genomes and the full-length viral genome trigger RIG-I after infection with vesicular stomatitis virus in a replication dependent manner. Front. Immunol. 12:595390 (2021)
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Olguín-Contreras, L.F. ; Mendler, A.N. ; Popowicz, G.M. ; Hu, B. & Nößner, E.: Double strike approach for tumor attack: Engineering T cells using a CD40L:CD28 chimeric co-stimulatory switch protein for enhanced tumor targeting in adoptive cell therapy. Front. Immunol. 12:750478 (2021)
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