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Ip, H.F.* et al.: Genetic association study of childhood aggression across raters, instruments, and age. Transl. Psychiatry 11:413 (2021)
MahmoudianDehkordi, S.* et al.: Alterations in acylcarnitines, amines, and lipids inform about the mechanism of action of citalopram/escitalopram in major depression. Transl. Psychiatry 11:153 (2021)
Moore, S.R.* et al.: Sex differences in the genetic regulation of the blood transcriptome response to glucocorticoid receptor activation. Transl. Psychiatry 11:632 (2021)
Garrett, L. et al.: A truncating Aspm allele leads to a complex cognitive phenotype and region-specific reductions in parvalbuminergic neurons. Transl. Psychiatry 10:66 (2020)
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Mengel, D.* et al.: Naturally occurring autoantibodies interfere with β-amyloid metabolism and improve cognition in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 24 h after single treatment. Transl. Psychiatry 3:e236 (2013)
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