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Gnainsky, Y.* et al.: Systemic regulation of host energy and oogenesis by microbiome-derived mitochondrial coenzymes. Cell Rep. 34:108583 (2021)
Greulich, F. ; Wierer, M.* ; Mechtidou, A. ; Gonzalez-Garcia, O. & Uhlenhaut, N.H.: The glucocorticoid receptor recruits the COMPASS complex to regulate inflammatory transcription at macrophage enhancers. Cell Rep. 34:108742 (2021)
Hu, M.* et al.: Chromatin 3D interaction analysis of the STARD10 locus unveils FCHSD2 as a regulator of insulin secretion. Cell Rep. 34:108703 (2021)
Rackles, E.* et al.: Reduced peroxisomal import triggers peroxisomal retrograde signaling. Cell Rep. 34:108653 (2021)
Schlein, C.* et al.: Endogenous fatty acid synthesis drives brown adipose tissue involution. Cell Rep. 34:108624 (2021)
Trefzer, A.* et al.: Dynamic adoption of anergy by antigen-exhausted CD4+ T cells. Cell Rep. 34:108748 (2021)
Wagner, C.* et al.: Constitutive immune activity promotes JNK- and FoxO-dependent remodeling of Drosophila airways. Cell Rep. 35:108956 (2021)
Alabert, C.* et al.: Domain model explains propagation dynamics and stability of histone H3K27 and H3K36 methylation landscapes. Cell Rep. 30, 1223-1234 (2020)
Bararia, D.* et al.: Cathepsin S alterations induce a tumor-promoting immune microenvironment in follicular lymphoma. Cell Rep. 31:107522 (2020)
Cohrs, C.M. et al.: Dysfunction of persisting β cells is a key feature of early type 2 diabetes pathogenesis. Cell Rep. 31:107469 (2020)
Darr, J. et al.: iTAG-RNA isolates cell-specific transcriptional responses to environmental stimuli and identifies an RNA-based endocrine axis. Cell Rep. 30, 3183-3194.e4 (2020)
Feng, H.* et al.: Transferrin receptor is a specific ferroptosis marker. Cell Rep. 30, 3411-3423.e7 (2020)
Hulstaert, E.* et al.: Charting extracellular transcriptomes in the Human Biofluid RNA Atlas. Cell Rep. 33:108552 (2020)
Landgraf, K.* et al.: The obesity susceptibility gene TMEM18 promotes adipogenesis through direct activation of PPARG. Cell Rep. 33:108295 (2020)
Lüningschrör, P.* et al.: The FTLD risk factor TMEM106B regulates the transport of lysosomes at the axon initial segment of motoneurons. Cell Rep. 30, 3506-3519.e6 (2020)
Marselli, L.* et al.: Persistent or transient human β cell dysfunction induced by metabolic stress: Specific signatures and shared gene expression with type 2 diabetes. Cell Rep. 33:108466 (2020)
Meul, T. et al.: Mitochondrial regulation of the 26S proteasome. Cell Rep. 32:108059 (2020)
Parenti, I.* et al.: MAU2 and NIPBL variants impair the heterodimerization of the cohesin loader subunits and cause Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Cell Rep. 31:107647 (2020)
Gehring, T. et al.: MALT1 phosphorylation controls activation of T lymphocytes and survival of ABC-DLBCL tumor cells. Cell Rep. 29, 873-888.e10 (2019)
Kluth, O.* et al.: Decreased expression of cilia genes in pancreatic islets as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes in mice and humans. Cell Rep. 26, 3027-3036.e3 (2019)