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Jacob, P. et al.: Real-time systems for the assessment of the radiological impact of radionuclides released into the atmosphere. Nucl. Technol. 94, 149-160 (1991)
Jacob, P. et al.: Real Time Systems PARK and EURALERT for the Assessment of the Radiological Impact of Radionuclides Released to the Atmosphere. Nucl. Technol. (1990)
Bachhuber, H. ; Bunzl, K.W. & Schimmack, W.: SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE DISTRIBUTION COEFFICIENTS OF **1**3**7Cs, **6**5Zn, **8**5Sr, **5**7Co, **1**0**9Cd, **1**4**1Ce, **1**0**3Ru, **9**5**mTc, AND **1**3**1I IN A CULTIVATED SOIL. Nucl. Technol. 72, 359-371 (1986)