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Heumüller, A.W.* et al.: Locus-conserved circular RNA cZNF292 controls endothelial cell flow responses. Circ. Res. 130, 67-79 (2022)
Schiborn, C.* et al.: Retinol and retinol binding protein 4 levels and cardiometabolic disease risk. Circ. Res. 131:101161CIRCRESAHA122321295 (2022)
Skoric-Milosavljevic, D.* et al.: Common genetic variants contribute to risk of transposition of the great arteries. Circ. Res. 130, 166-180 (2021)
Petzold, T.* et al.: Rivaroxaban reduces arterial thrombosis by inhibition of FXa driven platelet activation via protease activated receptor-1. Circ. Res. 126, 486-500 (2020)
Petzold, T.* et al.: Response by Petzold et al to letter regarding article, "Rivaroxaban reduces arterial thrombosis by inhibition of FXa-driven platelet activation via protease activated receptor-1". Circ. Res. 126, E54-E55 (2020)
Rondina, M.T.* et al.: Longitudinal RNA-Seq analysis of the reeatability of gene expression and splicing in human platelets identifies a platelet SELP splice QTL. Circ. Res. 126, 501-516 (2020)
Georgakis, M.K.* et al.: Circulating monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and risk of stroke meta-analysis of population-based studies involving 17 180 individuals. Circ. Res. 125, 773-782 (2019)
Fedoseienko, A.* et al.: The COMMD family regulates plasma LDL levels and attenuates atherosclerosis through stabilizing the CCC complex in endosomal LDLR traffcking. Circ. Res. 122, 1648-1660 (2018)
LeBlanc, M.* et al.: Identifying novel gene variants in coronary artery disease and shared genes with several cardiovascular risk factors. Circ. Res. 118, 83-94 (2016)
Boczek, N.J.* et al.: Characterization of SEMA3A-encoded semaphorin as a naturally occurring Kv4.3 protein inhibitor and its contribution to Brugada syndrome. Circ. Res. 115, 460-469 (2014)
Dykes, I.M.* et al.: HIC2 is a novel dosage-dependent regulator of cardiac development located within the distal 22q11 deletion syndrome region. Circ. Res. 115, 23-31 (2014)
Mohanta, S.K.* et al.: Artery tertiary lymphoid organs contribute to innate and adaptive immune responses in advanced mouse atherosclerosis. Circ. Res. 114, 1772-1787 (2014)
Wortmann, M.* et al.: Combined deficiency in glutathione peroxidase 4 and vitamin E causes multi-organ thrombus formation and early death in mice. Circ. Res. 113, 408-417 (2013)
Knöll, R.* et al.: Telethonin deficiency is associated with maladaptation to biomechanical stress in the mammalian heart. Circ. Res. 109, 758-769 (2011)
Schmidt, R.* et al.: Extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (CD147) is a novel receptor on platelets, activates platelets, and augments nuclear factor kappaB-dependent inflammation in monocytes. Circ. Res. 102, 302-309 (2008)
Aicher, A.* et al.: Nonbone marrow-derived circulating progenitor cells contribute to postnatal neovascularization following tissue ischemia. Circ. Res. 100, 581-589 (2007)
Seebohm, G.* et al.: Regulation of endocytic recycling of KCNQ1/KCNE1 potassium channels. Circ. Res. 100, 686-692 (2007)
Pfeufer, A. et al.: Common variants in myocardial ion channel genes modify the QT interval in the general population: Results from the KORA study. Circ. Res. 96, 693-701 (2005)