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He, X.* et al.: Titanium and zirconium release from titanium- and zirconia implants in mini pig maxillae and their toxicity in vitro. Dent. Mater. 36, 402-412 (2020)
Spinell, T.* et al.: In-vitro cytocompatibility and growth factor content of GBR/GTR membranes. Dent. Mater. 35, 963-969 (2019)
He, X.* et al.: Analysis of titanium and other metals in human jawbones with dental implants - a case series study. Dent. Mater. 32, 1042-1051 (2016)
He, X.* et al.: Intracellular uptake and toxicity of three different Titanium particles. Dent. Mater. 31, 734-744 (2015)
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