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Baur, K.* et al.: A novel stem cell type at the basal side of the subventricular zone maintains adult neurogenesis. EMBO Rep.:e54078 (2022)
Jocher, G.* et al.: ADAM10 and ADAM17 promote SARS-CoV-2 cell entry and spike protein-mediated lung cell fusion. EMBO Rep. 23:e54305 (2022)
Prodjinotho, U.F.* et al.: Helminthic dehydrogenase drives PGE2 and IL-10 production in monocytes to potentiate Treg induction. EMBO Rep. 23:e54096 (2022)
Aramaki, S.* et al.: Residual pluripotency is required for inductive germ cell segregation. EMBO Rep.:e52553 (2021)
Bast-Habersbrunner, A.* et al.: LncRNA Ctcflos orchestrates transcription and alternative splicing in thermogenic adipogenesis. EMBO Rep.:e51289 (2021)
Nitsch, S. ; Zorro Shahidian, L. & Schneider, R.: Histone acylations and chromatin dynamics: Concepts, challenges, and links to metabolism. EMBO Rep. 22:e52774 (2021)
Stadler, D. et al.: Interferon-induced degradation of the persistent hepatitis B virus cccDNA form depends on ISG20. EMBO Rep. 22:e49568 (2021)
Zhang, X. et al.: PLK1-dependent phosphorylation restrains EBNA2 activity and lymphomagenesis in EBV-infected mice. EMBO Rep.:e53007 (2021)
Zorro Shahidian, L. et al.: Succinylation of H3K122 destabilizes nucleosomes and enhances transcription. EMBO Rep. 22:e51009 (2021)
Munir, S.* et al.: TLR4-dependent shaping of the wound site by MSCs accelerates wound healing. EMBO Rep. 21:e48777 (2020)
Rodriguez-Terrones, D. et al.: A distinct metabolic state arises during the emergence of 2-cell-like cells. EMBO Rep. 21:e48354 (2020)
Trambauer, J.* et al.: A beta 43-producing PS1 FAD mutants cause altered substrate interactions and respond to gamma-secretase modulation. EMBO Rep. 21:e47996 (2020)
Werner, G.* et al.: Loss of TMEM106B potentiates lysosomal and FTLD-like pathology in progranulin-deficient mice. EMBO Rep. 21:e50241 (2020)
Chen, H.C.* et al.: IL-7-dependent compositional changes within the gamma delta T cell pool in lymph nodes during ageing lead to an unbalanced anti-tumour response. EMBO Rep. 20:e47379 (2019)
Glantschnig, C. et al.: The glucocorticoid receptor in brown adipocytes is dispensable for control of energy homeostasis. EMBO Rep. 20:e48552 (2019)
Guthmann, M. ; Burton, A. & Torres-Padilla, M.E.: Expression and phase separation potential of heterochromatin proteins during early mouse development. EMBO Rep. 20:e47952 (2019)
Papadopoulou, A.A.* et al.: Signal peptide peptidase-like 2c impairs vesicular transport and cleaves SNARE proteins. EMBO Rep. 20:e46451 (2019)
Papadopoulou, A.A.* et al.: Signal peptide peptidase-like 2c impairs vesicular transport and cleaves SNARE proteins. EMBO Rep. 20:e48133 (2019)
Rohm, M. ; Zeigerer, A. ; Machado, J. & Herzig, S.: Energy metabolism in cachexia. EMBO Rep. 20:e47258 (2019)
Frik, J. et al.: Cross-talk between monocyte invasion and astrocyte proliferation regulates scarring in brain injury. EMBO Rep. 19:e45294 (2018)