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Sagmeister, S. ; Merl-Pham, J. ; Petrera, A. ; Deeg, C.A.* & Hauck, S.M.: High glucose treatment promotes extracellular matrix proteome remodeling in Muller glial cells. PeerJ 9:e11316 (2021)
Kleinwort, K.J.H.* et al.: Peripheral blood bovine lymphocytes and MAP show distinctly different proteome changes and immune pathways in host-pathogen interaction. PeerJ 2019:e8130 (2019)
Jackson, M.A.* et al.: Detection of stable community structures within gut microbiota co-occurrence networks from different human populations. PeerJ 6:e4303 (2018)
Fuertes, E. et al.: A longitudinal analysis of associations between traffic-related air pollution with asthma, allergies and sensitization in the GINIplus and LISAplus birth cohorts. PeerJ 1:e193 (2013)