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Föcker, M.* et al.: Evaluation of metabolic profiles of patients with anorexia nervosa at inpatient admission, short-and long-term weight regain—descriptive and pattern analysis. Metabolites 11:7 (2021)
Huang, J. et al.: Validation of candidate phospholipid biomarkers of chronic kidney disease in hyperglycemic individuals and their organ-specific exploration in leptin receptor-deficient db/db mouse. Metabolites 11:89 (2021)
Wahman, R.* ; Sauvetre, A. ; Schröder, P. ; Moser, S.* & Letzel, T.*: Untargeted metabolomics studies on drug-incubated phragmites Australis profiles. Metabolites 11:2 (2021)
Benedetti, E. et al.: Systematic evaluation of normalization methods for glycomics data based on performance of network inference. Metabolites 10:271 (2020)
Faquih, T.* et al.: A workflow for missing values imputation of untargeted metabolomics data. Metabolites 10, 1-23:E486 (2020)
Gmelch, L.* et al.: Comprehensive vitamer profiling of folate mono- and polyglutamates in baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a function of different sample preparation procedures. Metabolites 10:301 (2020)
Langenau, J.* et al.: Blood metabolomic profiling confirms and identifies biomarkers of food intake. Metabolites 10:468 (2020)
Miehle, F. et al.: Lipidomic phenotyping reveals extensive lipid remodeling during adipogenesis in human adipocytes. Metabolites 10:217 (2020)
Pann, P. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. ; Prehn, C. & Adamski, J.: Mouse age matters: How age affects the murine plasma metabolome. Metabolites 10:472 (2020)
Schader, J.F.* et al.: Metabolite shifts induced by marathon race competition differ between athletes based on level of fitness and performance: A substudy of the enzy-magIC study. Metabolites 10:87 (2020)
Chak, C.M. et al.: Ageing investigation using two-time-point metabolomics data from KORA and CARLA studies. Metabolites 9:44 (2019)
Quell, J. et al.: Characterization of bulk phosphatidylcholine compositions in human plasma using side-chain resolving lipidomics. Metabolites 9:109 (2019)
Stanstrup, J.* et al.: The metaRbolomics Toolbox in Bioconductor and beyond. Metabolites 9:200 (2019)
Yu, B.* et al.: Metabolomics identifies novel blood biomarkers of pulmonary function and COPD in the general population. Metabolites 9:61 (2019)
Rotter, M. et al.: Night shift work affects urine metabolite profiles of nurses with early chronotype. Metabolites 8:45 (2018)
Zacharias, H.U. ; Altenbuchinger, M.* & Gronwald, W.*: Statistical analysis of NMR metabolic fingerprints: Established methods and recent advances. Metabolites 8:47 (2018)
Zisi, C.* et al.: QSRR modeling for metabolite standards analyzed by two different chromatographic columns using multiple linear regression. Metabolites 7:7 (2017)
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Sonnenschein, N.* ; Marr, C. & Hütt, M.-T.*: A topological characterization of medium-dependent essential metabolic reactions. Metabolites 2, 632-647 (2012)