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Brugger, M.* et al.: Locus heterogeneity in two siblings presenting with developmental delay, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder. Gene 768:145260 (2021)
Boonsimma, P.* et al.: Mutational and phenotypic expansion of ATP1A3-related disorders: Report of nine cases. Gene 749:144709 (2020)
Brunet, T.* et al.: A novel pathogenic variant in MYO18B associating early-onset muscular hypotonia, and characteristic dysmorphic features, delineation of the phenotypic spectrum of MYO18B-related conditions. Gene 742:144542 (2020)
Klinner, J.* et al.: Congenital lymphedema as a rare and first symptom of tuberous sclerosis complex. Gene 753:144815 (2020)
Günthner, R.* et al.: Identification of co-occurrence in a patient with Dent's disease and ADA2-deficiency by exome sequencing. Gene 649, 23-26 (2018)
Leszinski, G.S.* ; Warncke, K.* ; Hoefele, J.* & Wagner, M.: A case report and review of the literature indicate that HMGA2 should be added as a disease gene for Silver-Russell syndrome. Gene 663, 110-114 (2018)
Westphal, D.S. et al.: Identification of a de novo microdeletion 1q44 in a patient with hypogenesis of the corpus callosum, seizures and microcephaly - A case report. Gene 616, 41-44 (2017)
Vauti, F.* et al.: The mouse Trm1-like gene is expressed in neural tissues and plays a role in motor coordination and exploratory behaviour. Gene 389, 174-185 (2007)
Zeilfelder, U.* et al.: The potential of retroviral vectors to cotransfer human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) from human packaging cell lines. Gene 390, 175-179 (2007)
Guimera, J. ; Vogt Weisenhorn, D.M. ; Echevarria, D.* ; Martinez, S.* & Wurst, W.: Molecular characterization, structure and developmental expression of Megane bHLH factor. Gene 377, 65-76 (2006)
Kramer-Hämmerle, S. ; Hahn, A.* ; Brack-Werner, R. & Werner, T.*: Elucidating effects of long-term expression of HIV-1 Nef on astrocytes by microarray, promoter, and literature analyses. Gene 358, 31-38 (2005)
Feederle, R.* ; Delecluse, H.J.* ; Rouault, J.P.* ; Schepers, A. & Hammerschmidt, W.: Efficient somatic gene targeting in the lymphoid human cell I DG75. Gene 343, 91-97 (2004)
Kammerer, R. ; Popp, T.* ; Singer, B.B.* ; Schlender, J.* & Zimmermann, W.*: Identification of allelic variants of the bovine immune regulatory molecule CEACAM1 implies a pathogen-driven evolution. Gene 339, 99-109 (2004)
Tallafuß, L. & Bally-Cuif, L.: Formation of the head-trunk boundary in the animal body plan : An evolutionary perspective. Gene 287, 23-32 (2002)
Krausz, E. & Graw, J.: A new cat reporter gene vector designed for rapid and efficient cloning of PCR products. Gene 177 99-102 (1996)
Zarbalis, K. ; Chatterjee, B. ; Löster, J. ; Werner, T. & Graw, J.: Sequence analysis of the beta B2-crystallin cDNA of hamster containing a domain conserved among vertebrates. Gene 174, 181-184 (1996)
Pietrowski, D. et al.: α-Crystallins are involved in specific interactions with the murine γD/E/F-crystallin-encoding gene. Gene 144, 171-178 (1994)
Graw, J. ; Liebstein, A. ; Pietrowski, D. ; Schmitt-John, T. & Werner, T.: Genomic Sequences of Murine ..B- and ..C-crystalling Genes and Complete Evolutionary Pattern of Mouse, Rat and Human ..-crystallins derived from exon 3. Gene 136, 145-156 (1993)
Graw, J. ; Liebstein, A. ; Pietrowski, D. ; Schmitt-John, T. & Werner, T.: Genomic sequences of murine γB- and γC-crystallm-encoding genes: promoter analysis and complete evolutionary pattern of mouse, rat and human γ-crystallins. Gene 136, 145-156 (1993)
Mocikat, R. ; Harloff, C. & Kütemeier, G.: The effect of the rat immunoglobulin heavy-chain 3' enhancer is position dependent. Gene 136, 349-353 (1993)