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Veturi, Y.* et al.: Modeling heterogeneity in the genetic architecture of ethnically diverse groups using random effect interaction models. Genetics 211, 1395–1407 (2019)
Janevska, S.* et al.: Elucidation of the two H3K36me3 histone methyltransferases Set2 and Ash1 in Fusarium fujikuroi unravels their different chromosomal targets and a major impact of Ash1 on genome stability. Genetics 208, 153-171 (2018)
Schweiger, R.* et al.: RL-SKAT: An exact and efficient score Test for heritability and set tests. Genetics 207, 1275-1283 (2017)
Budach, S.* ; Heinig, M. & Marsico, A.*: Principles of microRNA regulation revealed through modeling microRNA expression quantitative trait loci. Genetics 203, 1629-1640 (2016)
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Tsepilov, Y.A. et al.: Non-additive effects of genes in human metabolomics. Genetics 200, 707-718 (2015)
Guo, H.* et al.: Extensive and biased intergenomic non-reciprocal DNA exchanges shaped a nascent polyploid genome, Gossypium (cotton). Genetics 197, 1153-1163 (2014)
Panda, S. et al.: Highly efficient targeted mutagenesis in mice using TALENs. Genetics 195, 703-713 (2013)
Eberlein, A.* et al.: Dissection of genetic factors modulating fetal growth in cattle indicates a substantial role of the non-SMC condensin I complex, subunit G (NCAPG) gene. Genetics 183, 951-964 (2009)
Favor, J. et al.: Analysis of Pax6 contiguous gene deletions in the mouse, Mus musculus, identifies regions distinct from Pax6 responsible for extreme small-eye and belly-spotting phenotypes. Genetics 182, 1077-1088 (2009)
Favor, J. et al.: Relationship of Pax6 activity levels to the extent of eye development in the mouse, Mus musculus. Genetics 179, 1345-1355 (2008)
Rubio-Aliaga, I. et al.: A genetic screen for modifiers of the delta1-dependent notch signaling function in the mouse. Genetics 175, 1451-1463 (2007)
Binladen, J.* et al.: Assessing the fidelity of ancient DNA sequences amplified from nuclear genes. Genetics 172, 733-741 (2006)
Noguchi, Y.* et al.: Multiple quantitative trait loci modify cochlear hair cell degeneration in the Beethoven (tmc1Bth) mouse model of progressive hearing loss DFNA36. Genetics 173, 2111-2119 (2006)
Graw, J. ; Pretsch, W. & Löster, J.: Mutation in Intron 6 of the Hamster Mitf Gene Leads to Skipping of the Subsequent Exon and Creates a Novel Animal Model for the Human Waardenburg Syndrome Type II. Genetics 164, 1035-1041 (2003)
Kokubu, C. et al.: Undulated short-tail Deletion Mutation in the Mouse Ablates Pax1 and Leads to Ectopic Activation of Neighboring Nkx2-2 in Domains That Normally Express Pax1. Genetics 165, 299-307 (2003)
Santagati, F. et al.: Identification of Cis-regulatory elements in the mouse Pax9/Nkx2-9 genomic region: Implication for evolutionary conserved synteny. Genetics 165, 235-242 (2003)
Graw, J. ; Neuhäuser-Klaus, A. ; Löster, J. ; Klopp, N. & Favor, J.: Ethylnitrosourea-Induced Base Pair Substitution Affects Splicing of the Mouse gammaE-Crystallin Encoding Gene Leading to the Expression of a Hybrid Protein and to a Cataract. Genetics 161, 1633-1640 (2002)
Favor, J. et al.: Molecular characterization of Pax62Neu through Pax610Neu: An extension of the Pax6 allelic series and the identification of two possible hypomorph alleles in the mouse Mus musculus. Genetics 159, 1689-1700 (2001)