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Filler, J. et al.: Association of habitual dietary intake with liver iron—a population-based imaging study. Nutrients 14:132 (2022)
von Krüchten, R.* et al.: Association between adipose tissue depots and dyslipidemia: The KORA-MRI population-based study. Nutrients 14:797 (2022)
Aragón-Vela, J.* et al.: Impact of exercise on gut microbiota in obesity. Nutrients 13:3999 (2021)
Beller, E.* et al.: Significant impact of coffee consumption on MR-based measures of cardiac function in a population-based cohort study without manifest cardiovascular disease. Nutrients 13:1275 (2021)
Campoy, C.* et al.: Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, homocysteine at birth and fatty acid desaturase gene cluster polymorphisms are associated with children’s processing speed up to age 9 years. Nutrients 13:131 (2021)
Didangelos, T.* et al.: Vitamin B12 supplementation in diabetic neuropathy: A 1-year, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Nutrients 13:395 (2021)
Hoffmann, A.L.* et al.: Leptin improves parameters of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis in lipodystrophic mice. Nutrients 13:2499 (2021)
Holzapfel, C.* et al.: Association between single nucleotide polymorphisms and weight reduction in behavioural interventions—a pooled analysis. Nutrients 13:819 (2021)
Pinart, M.* et al.: Identification and characterization of human observational studies in nutritional epidemiology on gut microbiomics for joint data analysis. Nutrients 13:3292 (2021)
Pinter, A.* et al.: Biologic treatment in combination with lifestyle intervention in moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and concomitant metabolic syndrome: Rationale and methodology of the metabolyx randomized controlled clinical trial. Nutrients 13:3015 (2021)
Schleger, F. et al.: No effect of lifestyle intervention during third trimester on brain programming in fetuses of mothers with gestational diabetes. Nutrients 13:556 (2021)
Sciascia, Q.L.* et al.: The effect of dietary protein imbalance during pregnancy on the growth, metabolism and circulatory metabolome of neonatal and weaned juvenile porcine offspring. Nutrients 13:3286 (2021)
Didangelos, T.* et al.: Efficacy and safety of the combination of superoxide dismutase, alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin B12, and carnitine for 12 months in patients with diabetic neuropathy. Nutrients 12:3254 (2020)
Elhadad, M.A. et al.: Metabolites, nutrients, and lifestyle factors in relation to coffee consumption: An environment-wide association study. Nutrients 12:1470 (2020)
Hasic, D.* et al.: Vertebral bone marrow fat is independently associated to vat but not to sat: Kora FF4—whole-body mr imaging in a population-based cohort. Nutrients 12:1527 (2020)
Holter, M.M.* et al.: Compound 18 improves glucose tolerance in a hepatocyte TGR5-dependent manner in mice. Nutrients 12:2124 (2020)
Jäger, S.* et al.: Mendelian randomization study on amino acid metabolism suggests tyrosine as causal trait for type 2 diabetes. Nutrients 12:3890 (2020)
Machann, J. et al.: Normalized indices derived from visceral adipose mass assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and their correlation with markers for insulin resistance and prediabetes. Nutrients 12:2064 (2020)
Nankam, P.A.N.* et al.: Circulating and adipose tissue fatty acid composition in black South African women with obesity: A cross-sectional study. Nutrients 12:1619 (2020)
Plaza-Díaz, J.* ; Pastor-Villaescusa, B. ; Rueda-Robles, A.* ; Abadia-Molina, F.* & Ruiz Ojeda, F.J.: Plausible biological interactions of low- and non-calorie sweeteners with the intestinal microbiota: An update of recent studies. Nutrients 12:1153 (2020)