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Schukken, K.M.* et al.: Altering microtubule dynamics is synergistically toxic with spindle assembly checkpoint inhibition. Life Sci. All. 3:e201900499 (2020)
Schaeffner, M. et al.: BZLF1 interacts with chromatin remodelers promoting escape from latent infections with EBV. Life Sci. All. 2:e201800108 (2019)
Wing, P.A.* et al.: A dual role for SAMHD1 in regulating HBV cccDNA and RT-dependent particle genesis. Life Sci. All. 2:e201900355 (2019)
Schnerwitzki, D.* et al.: Neuron-specific inactivation of Wt1 alters locomotion in mice and changes interneuron composition in the spinal cord. Life Sci. All. 1:e201800106 (2018)