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Gassmann, H.* et al.: Ewing sarcoma-derived extracellular vesicles impair dendritic cell maturation and function. Cells 10:2081 (2021)
Lorenz, L.* ; Hirmer, S.* ; Schmalen, A. ; Hauck, S.M. & Deeg, C.A.*: Cell surface profiling of retinal Müller glial cells reveals association to immune pathways after LPS stimulation. Cells 10:711 (2021)
Scala, E.* et al.: Hidradenitis suppurativa: Where we are and where we are going. Cells 10:2094 (2021)
Seiringer, P. et al.: Keratinocytes regulate the threshold of inflammation by inhibiting T cell effector functions. Cells 10:1606 (2021)
von Loeffelholz, C.* ; Coldewey, S.M.* & Birkenfeld, A.L.: A narrative review on the role of AMPK on de novo lipogenesis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Evidence from human studies. Cells 10:1822 (2021)
Weber, M. et al.: Increased HERV-K(HML-2) transcript levels correlate with clinical parameters of liver damage in hepatitis C patients. Cells 10:774 (2021)
Cota, P. ; Helmi, S.A.* ; Hsu, C.* & Rancourt, D.E.*: Cytokine directed chondroblast trans-differentiation: JAK inhibition facilitates direct reprogramming of fibroblasts to chondroblasts. Cells 9:191 (2020)
Goldstein, N.* et al.: Higher mast cell accumulation in human adipose tissues defines clinically favorable obesity sub-phenotypes. Cells 9:1508 (2020)
Luteijn, R.D.* et al.: A broad-spectrum antiviral peptide blocks infection of viruses by binding to phosphatidylserine in the viral envelope. Cells 9:1989 (2020)
Zambusi, A. ; Pelin Burhan, Ö.* ; Di Giaimo, R. ; Schmid, B. & Ninkovic, J.: Granulins regulate aging kinetics in the adult zebrafish telencephalon. Cells 9:350 (2020)
Kühnel, A. et al.: Radiosensitization of HSF-1 knockdown lung cancer cells by low concentrations of Hsp90 inhibitor NVP-AUY922. Cells 8:1166 (2019)
Lamort, A.-S. ; Giopanou, I.* ; Psallidas, I.* & Stathopoulos, G.T.: Osteopontin as a link between inflammation and cancer: The thorax in the spotlight. Cells 8:815 (2019)
Zhang, W.* et al.: Different pathogen defense strategies in Arabidopsis: More than pathogen recognition. Cells 7:252 (2018)