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Bordet, F.* et al.: Different wines from different yeasts? “Saccharomyces cerevisiae intraspecies differentiation by metabolomic signature and sensory patterns in wine”. Microorganisms 9:2327 (2021)
Chiba, A. et al.: Soil bacterial diversity is positively correlated with decomposition rates during early phases of maize litter decomposition. Microorganisms 9:357 (2021)
Lalaouna, D.* et al.: Amplifying and fine-tuning Rsm sRNAs expression and stability to optimize the survival of Pseudomonas brassicacerum in nutrient-poor environments. Microorganisms 9:250 (2021)
Ma, T. et al.: Differences in gut virome related to barrett esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma. Microorganisms 9:1701 (2021)
Schulze-Makuch, D.* et al.: Microbial hotspots in lithic microhabitats inferred from dna fractionation and metagenomics in the atacama desert. Microorganisms 9:1038 (2021)
Troll, M. et al.: Investigation of adiposity measures and operational taxonomic unit (OTU) data transformation procedures in stool samples from a German Cohort Study using machine learning algorithms. Microorganisms 8:547 (2020)
Yang, L. ; Schröder, P. ; Vestergaard, G.* ; Schloter, M. & Radl, V.: Response of barley plants to drought might be associated with the recruiting of soil-borne endophytes. Microorganisms 8:1414 (2020)
Pilloni, G. et al.: Dynamics of hydrology and anaerobic hydrocarbon degrader communities in a tar-oil contaminated aquifer. Microorganisms 7:46 (2019)