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Bast, L. et al.: Computational modeling of stem and progenitor cell kinetics identifies plausible hematopoietic lineage hierarchies. iScience 24:102120 (2021)
Savitskiy, S.* et al.: Proteolysis of Rab32 by Salmonella GtgE induces an inactive GTPase conformation. iScience 24:101940 (2021)
Bus, C.* et al.: Human dopaminergic neurons lacking PINK1 exhibit disrupted dopamine metabolism related to vitamin B6 co-factors. iScience 23:101797 (2020)
Fischer, C.A, et al.: MitoSegNet: Easy-to-use deep learning segmentation for analyzing mitochondrial morphology. iScience 23:101601 (2020)
Li, X.* et al.: Regulation of guconeogenesis by aldo-keto-reductase 1a1b in zebrafish. iScience 23:101763 (2020)
Tamiyakul, H.* et al.: Progressive proteome changes in the myocardium of a pig model for Duchenne. muscular dystrophy. iScience 23:101516 (2020)